I’m sure a lot of people in this group already put a fair amount of effort into being sustainable or eco-friendly.

I recycle, repurpose, and donate unwanted items like a maniac. I have raised money to plant trees, have a wind-powered energy provider, CFL bulbs, and do other things here and there to the best of my ability.

I could do more, I suppose, if I had more money (such as buying a greener car). But for now that is out of the question.

If I had to resolve to do more in 2010, I’m not sure what else I could or should do.

Does anyone here have any goals for themselves in 2010, or any new or interesting ideas or suggestions for the rest of us?

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My main focus will be on de-criminalizing de-culpabilizing citizens and restore the proper focus to political action against corporations and governments.

No matter how much less one, or many, or all citizens, drive their car, save water, electricity, whatever, the total impact is still less than 10% of the total shit we put out as a society on a regular basis.

Culpabilizing citizens has encouraged even more consumerism (and more gullibility such as greenwashing) even tho it may be greener, but greener excess consumerism still means excess garbage in the end.

We've got to choose our fights and fight the battles that'll make a difference and stop waisting time with the little people.
I would say the number one thing any of us can do is to help make green 'cool.' Cool enough for politicians and corporations to make the major changes we need.

To achieve that, I do my little drop-in-the-bucket part. Like you say DG, within reason and affordability.

Just in time for New Years, I should soon be outfitting my RV with solar power. Right now, just enough panels+batteries to run my laptop and satellite radio for a few hours (I know where my priorities lie). The inverter however is big enough to run as big a system as I can eventually build, so it's just a matter of buying and installing more panels and batteries as I can afford them.

I'm very excited! I already use solar camp showers in warm weather to heat my water and still get all giddy when I use my piping hot water heated without an ounce of electricity!
I totally agree with TNT, wonder how much longer it will take, till the first "eco-guerrilla" will arise...sometimes I almost feel like I should volunteer...
Problem is, it´s not only about environment, or global warming, or some minor changes - the whole complex world system has to undergo a major, if not to say, revolutionary change, which doesn´t seem to happen in nearer future...
Best way, imo, would be to eliminate 90 % of world´s population, no joke, maybe better 99 % ! Any suggestions about achieving this goal in short time, while leaving the environment almost unharmed ?


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