Environmental Activists Murdered in the Amazon

In the space of four days, four environmental activists were assassinated in the Brazilian Amazon. Christian Poirier is the Brazil program coordinator for Amazon Watch. He tells host Bruce Gellerman that the recent violence in the Amazon is related to proposed changes in Brazil’s forest code, which will increase deforestation.

Podcast attached. Follow link to watch video of the TED talk mentioned.

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So sad that all the remaining printine forests around the world, and most of the fish in the sea will be pretty much gone by 2050... and they are not just killing huge biodiverse ecosystems, they are killing themselves, as the forests regulate the environment... rain, oxygen, purification, CO2 scrubing, rainforests are life-support systems for people too - most humans are not independent from environmental changes on earth, and all (as far as I know) are indirectly afflicted.
I do believe they (we) are sowing the seeds of their own demise. Those forests arose out of eons of co-evolution with other plants and animals. They are irreplaceable.
The interview mentions only 100 cases of environmentalists murdered, out of 1100, have been solved. That is absolutely astounding.
And tragic. 1100 people murdered? JFC!


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