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Comment by Exasperated Bunny on August 30, 2009 at 8:54pm
lol...i'm certain ms. jenkins discriminates against great white sharks too. although i'm just as certain that great whites have better taste than to be interested in a bite out of her :)

you know how that works...i remember a straight friend who was homophobic, and i wanted to see my sis at the gay bar one night that we went out. and he said, "what do i do if some guy makes a pass at me?" lol i told him, "you're assuming that they'll be remotely interested in you...they have better taste" lol same goes for the great white analogy :)

i agree that anyone with sense should pick up on the "white" portion of that statement. but to be honest luv layne...i stopped giving that much credit to some of these republicans a LOOOONG time ago. i don't make any assumptions about logic when discussing repugs or christians. but make no mistake, i am NOT apologizing for their errors. if you're in the public eye...i suggest you know every "catch-phrase" origin you decide to throw out there!!!!!! you want the public get the scrutiny that comes with it. and if you're in politics, you represent EVERYBODY, so i suggest they get on board with racial sensitivity!!!!

(i did catch your "maybe" after the shark you probably already had my rant in mind...i just couldn't resist it :)
Comment by Exasperated Bunny on August 30, 2009 at 8:17pm
@luv layne.

oh...lynn jenkins. "great white hope". i understand that there is the potential that she just always "heard" that phrase, growing up, within the context of a "situation"...and never knew about the boxing history, or the continuing use of it being a means of "racism". i mean, that happens a lot. if you hear something from childhood, as never understand the negative connotation...thus religion. but, either way...she is either herself a racist (which i would find very curious that she would do so, so openly in a public forum - although, not put it past a palin-esque repug chick)...or she just grew up in a unapologetic racist family. that causes me to question her decision-making, for whatever other racial influences she would take too lightly for not just my taste...but for a civil rights' taste.

i don't put "active ignorance" past anyone these days. you kind of have to roll with the punches, and pray? lol um...NOT!!! ...something, i guess.

@dallas gaytheist...thanks for the "rolled" post. i'll look at that tomorrow (epic headache tonight), so i may have a question for you. i know a lot of people who have no desire to sit on the phone with congresspeople, even though they are pro health care reform, so my current efforts are trying to organize visiting friends who i can call "on their behalf" at their houses over the the 2nd through the 4th. (trying to sway my republican friends too ;)
Comment by A Former Member on August 30, 2009 at 5:20pm
Don’t Get Rolled!

Once upon a time, corporate titans bankrolled our elections with no limits. There were no social safety nets, no real labor laws, and no voting rights for most Americans. There were the haves and have nots.

This fall, a century of modest limits on corporate influence in politics could be completely rolled back, crushing progress on health care, the environment, energy, economic recovery … on everything!

The Supreme Court on September 9 hears a case, Citizens United v. Federal Election Commission, that reopens the question of unlimited corporate money in our elections. In a stunning move, the Court will reach back and reconsider two other pivotal campaign finance cases settled long ago. The potential result? A century-old pillar of campaign finance doctrine could be swept away.

Sound like a good idea? Sounds so very last, last century — except this time it wouldn’t be the robber barons — it would be the giant, multinational corporations buying our politicians outright.

Don’t let our elections and progress get rolled by corporate power!


Pledge to protest getting rolled on September 9! Everyone can protest — check out our ideas for actions. We want to collaborate and share your stories, pictures, and videos! Send your pics and YouTube links to

Enter your first name, email address, and protest ideas in the boxes below. Your ideas will appear at the bottom of this page. If you don't want your name to appear with your ideas, check the "Display in list as 'Anonymous" box. We also welcome your ideas by email at
Comment by Exasperated Bunny on August 29, 2009 at 11:37pm
The health care reform bus came through Des Moines tonight. My daughter and I drove over an hour to attend with some friends. It was amazing. I will be making all the contacts on Monday that they encouraged, as we need to get contacts made to both repugs (awesome) and dems before they go back. We had a good turn out and great energy...only a few boo-ers attended. But there were state troopers there to keep things under control. They passed around a hospital scrub shirt that we all signed that will be taken to Washington...that was entertaining. But my daughter is my favorite part of all this. She's amazing. And she's just as excited about getting involved as I have been since my first "activism" with my sis for LGBT rights, straight out of college. My daughter's first taste of it was via a Barbie Jeep in a Tinkerbell swimsuit, in the first Pride parade in our capital city :) Tonight was a good night, after a harsh week discussing politics with my family and realizing just how much of a disappointment I am to them, quite deflating. All republicans (except my sis, 12 hours away)...and religious. I don't think that even the black sheep would sit at my table in this family - lol. Just my kid...and she's all that matters :)

As for the repugs...I agree that they are doing a great job of shooting themselves in the foot (well, if we were talking Cheney, it would be an old man in the face)...but I think there is adequate justification for concern. They touched on it tonight as well....the right has been given such liberty to say whatever they want and get away with it...that they are like a child without boundaries. I don't think they recognize boundaries any longer, and they are losing their grasp. That becomes dangerous when you have people following you, who don't get educated on issues...they follow blindly and faithfully. When you're leaders have lost their sense of reality...that truly concerns me. Like this Baptist Pastor, et al. Our society (to the right) is pretty volatile at the moment. Let's just hope that they don't lose their reason, any more than the low autonomic level they sustain on a daily basis.
Comment by A Former Member on August 29, 2009 at 10:34pm
Jean Marie, I was happy, too, and basically still am. The repugs are just desperate and pathetic. They will continue to do a lot of damage, but all we can do is keep fighting. They are going down hill, so it will probably hurt them more than us in the long run. It's the mean time that is such a burden, though.
Comment by A Former Member on August 29, 2009 at 8:55pm
Progress is possible only when people believe in the possibilities of growth and change. Races or tribes die out not just when they are conquered and suppressed but when they accept their defeated condition, becoming despairing, and lose their excitement about the future.

-- Norman Cousins
Comment by A Former Member on August 28, 2009 at 8:53pm
Thanks for the video Luv Layne. But what do we do about people like that? He worded it carefully: "I'm going to pray that he dies.", and not "I hope someone kills him." Yeah, I hope someone dies real soon too, and it ain't the President.
Comment by Exasperated Bunny on August 28, 2009 at 2:56pm
correction...nut jobs for the right side. geesh. i AM dyslexic, but i swear i know my left from my right!!! lol
Comment by Exasperated Bunny on August 28, 2009 at 2:53pm
People are nuts. The crazies of the extreme right were somewhat under control with a Republican in office...but they have lost their shit now. And society is becoming the embodiment of a "polar shift". I believe that we've allowed extreme right people "freedom" to the point of out-right hate allowance, and unfortunately, there are some who are mentally removed enough to cause problems beyond just speaking about it. Let's just hope that they aren't so extremely devoid of acceptable boundaries that they don't embark on anything further than mouthing off like obstinate children.

Then again, look at all the air time that nut jobs get for the left side...Michele Bachmann, Rush Limbaugh (the king and queen of nutsville), don't forget the court jester, Glenn Beck....and princess Sarah Palin. Right enders who promote health care in a fashion akin to "Let them eat cake" France.

As the rest of us finally surface with intelligence and compassion...the crazies go completely overboard and just lose their shit, altogether. But, I suppose that's what Bill Maher, Jon Stewart, Stephen Colbert, Eddie Izzard, and Atheist Nexus Atheist Humor are all about :)

I haven't seen mention of it, so I will....sad sad loss, Ted Kennedy. I grew up Republican....seeing him on c-span was what turned me democrat. (I was a republican because my parents were, and a lutheran for the same I'm an atheist democrat - lol....what a disappointment I've been - lol). That's quite a loss for the democrats.
Comment by A Former Member on August 22, 2009 at 3:47pm
@ Luv Layne: Good for Barney Frank. These idiots have no legitimacy.

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