The Thomas Jefferson Movement

About a decade ago, a small and determined group of ideological self interests embarked upon a mission to rewrite Texas schoolbooks and mold the history of our state, nation and the world to reflect their vision and beliefs.

This year, they could finally succeed, and many of the social, cultural and historical contributions of Americans like Thomas Jefferson, Cesar Chavez, Betty Friedan and Oveta Culp Hobby would disappear in part or entirely from Texas textbooks.

The term "capitalism" would be removed in favor of "free enterprise," while the rise of political conservatism in America during the 80s would be taught using as examples Phyllis Schafly, the Contract with America, the Heritage Foundation, the Moral Majority and the National Rifle Association.

That's right. Thomas Jefferson is out of the Enlightenment, replaced by John Calvin. Click here to view more of Texas' proposed changes to U.S. History standards.

Texas has become a national laughingstock, a punchline in political cartoons, on the news, in editorials and on cable TV. But the potential danger from the action of the Texas State Board of Education is no joke. Considering that Texas is the largest single customer for public school textbooks, revisions made by the Texas SBOE generally are adopted in most other states.

So Thomas Jefferson is not only minimized in Texas, but also in schools across the United States.  All because a handful of politicians caught an entire state napping.

The Thomas Jefferson Movement has been founded to enable the rest of us to stand up to these school yard bullies and bring 21st Century education to the public schools of Texas and the United States. We will enlighten communities in Texas and around the country to the behavior of this small group of elected Texas officials. We will help elect fair minded representatives to important positions of responsibility. And we will work to defeat candidates who abuse the power of their position and place the education of our children in jeopardy.

Our children deserve better. Join The Thomas Jefferson Movement and get involved.

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The Texas Board of Education has committed a few other wrongs in its rewriting of American History. For example, it makes no mention of America imperialism, and it tries to define the Civil Rights Movement by terms of violence-prone African-American groups. It unsuccessfully attempted to remove Thurgood Marshall from the list of important Americans students needed to know.

And their transgressions against science are too numerous to list.


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