These songs are from one CD that was a box set of seven. It was published independently and anonymously. I think the cover just read something like Aliester Crowley: The Great Beast 666 on it, but it is not in front of me right now. This particular CD was labeled "The Gnostic Mass."


I've never been able to find this online, so I know nothing more about it. The whole CD is just one continuous piece, though it is broken into tracts. The first three are attached below.


This was the best CD of the seven. I guess this would qualify as dark ambient, perhaps.

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Edward Alexander Current.

The tracks are beautiful. I wonder who is the artist behind this.
Does it say the date of release or publication, Dallas?

Yes, definitely dark ambient for me. Thanks, mind if I make videos from these mp3s?
Where did you find EAC, and what do you mean? At first I thought you knew the artist, but I guess you don't?

I'll have to get the CDs from home and check for that other stuff. I don't mind at all if you make a video, of course, but why don't you let me email you all the tracks, since one runs into the other? You have my address. Email me and I'll send them. I don't have a download service like you linked me to the other day.
Sorry, EAC is Edward Current colliding with Edward A. Crowley. No, I don't know the artist. Okay, I'll send you my email. Thanks!
This was kind of cool. Worth exploring in greater detail.
Is this it, Dallas?

The title of the album is Various - The Beast 666, Dedicated To The Beast Aleister Crowley. It was released in Austria in 1983.

No. I brought the CD today, and there is some info on it. I will be sending that stuff today, but just not right at the moment.
This is my take on the first track, Dallas.
Great. Thanks. Let me know when you have the others done.
I found it on iTunes!  Thanks again Dallas!


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