The father of bodily function as social commentary. The man insane enough to live with beasts and incapable of understanding the basis of the taboo against cannibalism. Defacer of currency, the grey lining to every silver cloud. You encounter his legacy every day - from Dilbert to South Park to Jon Stewart - and don't even know it. From what few fragments remain, this is a pretty fucking good synopsis of his life.

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Good video, but would have been better if the sound quality was better.
Maybe so. Maybe felch is Diogenes reincarnated.
Y'know, Oscar has been a personal hero and spiritual mentor to me since earliest childhood memory. It was only on stumbling across The Man in Tub recently that I even made the connection between the trashcan and the tub. Reincarnation ? Flattering, if you believed in it. Though I do find it creepy when I read about the Great One and get deja vu, or remember actual similar events that have occurred in my life. I would expect the great latter day Cynics - Peter Cook, Bukowski, Lenny Bruce, even good xtians Johnny Cash and Jerry Lee Lewis - would have found similar parallels. There is more than just a little evidence that jebus himself (if there was such a beast) may have been a descendent of the school - with his legacy now tragically deformed. As many people with important titles and multiple post-nominals say, it's less a philosophy than an attitude and a way of life.


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