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It was probably unintentional, but I like the truncated ad, in the lower left, which reads "Inside £100 worth of kids". How are they supposed to be packaged? Grounded, dried, sliced?

That's cruel. The cat will need to be wormed.

The one in the middle reminds me of my niece. The evil is what I like about her.

"Mermaids" is by far the best. Truly brilliant.
Still my favourite. While we laugh heartily at this, imagine Christians doing the same. We have the last laugh though - as every week they go eat bread and drink wine that is actually the body and blood of a guy who may (or may not) have lived 2000 years back.

Yeah. Keep taking the tablets guys.

P.S. if you're dumb enough to try this and die, you win a Darwin award!


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