The world calls me a cynic, in the mirror I see a realist. I know the world is in deep shit. I know it is because narrow minded egocentric megalomaniacs have taken control of the media, religions, businesses and bureaucracies everywhere. Is this a conspiracy theory? You decide.

We have the ability and resources to rectify most of the problems on the planet yet nothing gets done. Religion divides and slaughters people, denies birth control in areas of over population or even prophylaxis to help combat HIV/Aids. Governments declare hypotheses are facts in order to start wars and protect the interests of capitalism. The media gives balanced reporting of what the owners think we should know for their own good. Freedom is just another word for doing what you’re told!

Cynic, realist….paranoid???

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Cynic is a synonym for realist. What we are dealing with is the dictatorship of arseholes. Those prepared to be be more brutal, more underhanded, most conscience free, willing to sell their brothers, backstab for the sake of expediency - they float to the top. These are the values it takes to win. So much in common with Christians its not funny - the defining characteristic of most US christians is greed and selfishness. Charity ? They can't even spell it. This will never go away - it will take a seismic shift in our collective psychology and sociology. Until then, the arseholes will keep winning. Diogenes - "Dogs and philosophers do the greatest good and get the fewest rewards".
Think who votes Republican, purely because of Jesus and tax cuts. Screw the health system, screw the poor. They're poor because they're immoral. Greed. Selfishness.
What I notice is a lot of common folk mistake a realist for being a pessimist. They are mistaking one for who acknowledges reality as simply being a pessimist because it doesn't fit with their own unrealistic optimistic views.
For me, being a cynic is recognizing that most of humanity is made up of greedy, power-hungry, and/or moronic rubes who really ought to know better.


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