Another speciation event to throw at the creationists, this one without the benefit of geographical isolation, showing that speciation events may be even more common than previously thought.

Evolution, it's that powerful bitches!

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Creationists find ways. Just look at these comments people left.
evolution isnt supposed to happen within thousands or millions of years??? this evolution think is pure bull***t
This seems misleading. First of all, it acts as though scientists have observed one species giving birth to a new species, when in reality they are simply describing several species that they are observing. Micro-evolution, the process by which a species undergoes adaptation, has never resulted in the creation of a truly new species. And changes in the cichlids that are described in this article are really just examples of micro-evolution anyway, which no one disputes.

Yes micro evolution is possible but macro evolution is imposable, just like its possible to walk across the room but to walk 20 feet, no thats imposable, you need a Segway to do that and that intelligently designed by people.
Yeah, It's the classic case of moving the bar. But of course, phylogeny shows us that creatures don't shift between kinds, to paraphrase one of my favorite youtube videos on the subject this is why dogs are still mammals, and birds are still dinosuars and humans are still Eukaryote, Metazoa, Bilateria, Deuterostomia, Chordata, Craniata, Vertebrata, Gnathostomata, Sarcopterygii, Stegocephalian, Amniota, Synapsida, Therapsida, Mammalia, Eutheria, Primate, Catarrhini, Hominidae...


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