I love networking. I try to connect with as many other crafters and support handmade artists as much as I can. I just can't bring myself to heart a Christian shop on Etsy, or fan them on Facebook, even if they fanned me first. Does anyone else have this same problem?

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I agree. I have found that when a business flaunts its religion it is for the purpose of insular networking, like when they advertise in a "Christian Businesses" guide. When I was a theist, I made the point to support those businesses under the belief that we were persecuted, Standing Up for the Faith (tm) and preventing ourselves from casting our pearls before swine. Now, as an atheist, I'm happy to let them cater to their fellow theists while I take my business elsewhere.
I do not support Christian businesses of any kind, if I can help it. I doubt very seriously if any of them are persecuted, at least here in the US. To the contrary, they suck business in like a Hoover. In fact, I know of some who profess to be Christian who are not, just to get business.
I know now that American Christians are far from being persecuted...I just meant that I *believed* they were at the time (like many today do).

In my experience, it is usually Christians of the evangelical persuasion that thump their bibles loudest. It doesn't happen much around here, due mostly to the fact that where I live (less than an hour north of the Mexican border) the predominant religious culture is Roman Catholic. Many secular people here also embrace RC imagery just because it is part of the historical flavor of the area.
Sorry, didn't mean to assume something about you. I agree that it's the evangelical bible thumpers who make the most noise around here in west-coast Florida. Sad, isn't it, that secular people would take advantage of Christians like that ;).
Hi, I'm new around here!

I boycott Hobby Lobby because of the ads they like to put in papers on holidays.

Other than that, I am pretty sure a lot of the craft places I go to are probably christian owned, but as long as they don't have to shove it down my throat, I don't mind shopping there. I wouldn't want them to not give me their business over being an atheist, but that's never something I'd feel the need to force on others.

I went to this cute little yarn shop the other day and was really disappointed they felt the need to throw a jesus fish onto their sign. I won't be giving them my money. http://www.clinchriveryarns.com/
I was at a local feed store today and there was a display of hand-made chunky, silver and turquoise necklaces, just the kind of stuff I love. However, on closer inspection, each and every one of them had a rather ornate cross attached to it. My DH suggested that if I wanted one to buy it and take the cross off, but I didn't want to do that, so bought nothing.
I try not to buy anything from a place that advertises its religion. It's like telling everyone else, "Yeah, we'll take your money, but I would prefer to do business with "my religion". I don't think they realize how rude it is.
Absolutely. Any business with a little fish doesn't get my money. I was buying some yarn online from a farm in VA until I noticed the fish logo, so I emailed to ask about it. Their reply was "what some Christians do..." not even being direct and honest about it. Order canceled.

They do this to increase business from others who will buy from them just for this reason, so I vote the other way. Merchandise should stand on its own and if you need to flaunt your holiness to sell things something is off.


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