I thought it might be nice to start a music thread that focused on traditional and culturally significant world music. Of course, all music is influenced by its history and culture, but I want to focus on more traditional music as opoposed to what is perhaps in the Greek or Indian top 40 at the present moment.

The music doesn't have to be necessarily old, but it should be something that is significant to its culture. Please add whatever you are already familiar with, or what you run across in the future. If you don't have anything to add right now, please follow the thread anyhow so that you can be informed of new additions.

I will start with these:

This first video is "La Mule" by Malicorne. This band does a wide variety of work, but this piece is an a capella piece from the French Renaissance. Ignore the cheesy video.

These next two videos are from Toumani Diabaté. "Diabaté comes from a long family tradition of kora players including his father Sidiki Diabaté, who recorded the first ever kora album in 1970. His family's oral tradition tells of 71 generations of musicians preceding him in a patrilineal line. His cousin Sona Maya Jobarteh is a premiere female diaspora kora player." I am not absolutely wild about this, but I like some of it. I am also attaching his song "Jarabi."

This next video I cannot embed. It is Miriam Makeba peforming "The Click Song" in 1966. Miriam speaks a rare and unique African language (can't find the name right now) that uses clicks as a form of inflection. It is supposed to be a nearly impossible technique to learn for non-native speakers. If you're not raised speaking it, you're not likely to ever learn how.

Here she is singing "Pata Pata."

I can't find a video for this last one, so I am attaching an WMA. This is called "Dance from Máramaros," by Muzsikás, from the CD Maramaros: The Lost Jewish Music of Transylvania.

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Actually, Ning will not allow me to upload attachments to the thread, so I am uploading the songs here.
Not sure how "cultural" it is, but I find that cheesy, bubble-gum pop sounds so much cooler in Hindi.


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