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There isn't a Wikipedia page for Chariots of Iron. Just thought I'd point that out. I wonder how long it will take for someone to make one?...

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Do two-bit podcasts get wikipedia pages?
Hell ya they do. I am kind of surprised no-one besides me has noticed. Well, time to roll up the old sleeves and get to making up some shit. Do you think Joe will mind if I say that he had to leave to persue a career as a traveling rubber nipple salesman? Oh, and I am totally putting up a picture of the creepiest person I can find and say that it is Lamar.
Seriously though, I would like to have inputs from you and Lamar as I have never written a Wiki article and would like to avoid the banhammer of Jimmy Wales.
I recommended emailing us charioteers at chariots of iron dot com. If you're serious about discussing details.


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