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National events

This October in Montreal, Canada the 16th annual AAI convention

Atheists Without Borders
AAI-HC 2010 Convention

Local hosts: Atheist Freethinkers and CFI Montreal

It is here! The most anticipated North American atheist convention of the year. With fresh line of speakers and plethora of entertainment, you sure don't want to miss this event.

Join us in Montreal for AAI's annual North American convention, "Atheists Without Borders." This theme expresses our vision of an international movement, going beyond political and cultural borders, uniting atheists and humanists in one virtual nation defined by our commitment to freedom of speech, freedom of conscience, human rights, critical thought, science and reason. This event will be AAI's first North American convention outside the United States and the first in collaboration with Humanist Canada, a national organization.

Our roster of esteemed speakers includes both American icons of freethought and outstanding Canadian and European scholars and activists. The three-day convention is centred around more than twenty workshops as well as several plenary sessions, addressing issues of keen interest to nonbelievers, such as religion-State separation, secularism, the history of freethought, the defence of education against religious encroachment and strategies for combatting fundamentalism -- in particular islamofascism. Join us as well in congratulating this year's Richard Dawkins Award recipient, Susan Jacoby, author of Freethinkers: A History of American Secularism.

Other things that might interest Canadians

National and Provincal Groups and Forums (click for expanded list)

Humanist Canada
Centre for Inquiry Canada
The Canadian Secular Alliance

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Skeptic North

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Comment by Michel Poisson on October 20, 2010 at 12:32pm
@Lorien: I consider myself lucky too, as I'm not resticted to a Hollywood diet ;-)
Comment by Michel Poisson on October 20, 2010 at 11:50am
The general tone of my responses wouldn't be considererd Flame anywhere. Disagreement only.

I don't think 80% of Quebec is bilingual. The numbers:

The conference:

Don't know the numbers (not huge). It was two separate conferences, two worlds. With some overlaps. Quebec atheists are mostly bilingual, less English quebecois were though. Lots of old(70+) people, to my surprise.

What you would have missed (French workshops)

- A Belgian philosopher using the niquab to demonstrate strategies and morals behind the organised efforts to remove religious signs from public life in her country.
- A French activist one of the most influential figure on the current status of chruch/sttate separation that exists in France. His strategies and history of active atheism in France.
- A Quebec science journalist. Explaining distinction between evolved features by adaptation or via epiphenomenon.
- A former Quebec Industry Commerce minister gave an inspiring talk on the urgent need for global Ethics. From an economics and market point of view.

What you could have seen:

- Dennet did his What can replace religions talk. Impressive man - a giant, I spoke briefly with him on arts, was introduced by a Quebec neuroscientist, delirium vs. creativity.
- Calgary's Christine Shellka gave a really interesting talk on the structure and strategies of the Discovery Institute. How ominous and well-funded they really are.
- Toronto's Justin Trottier is an excellent orator and gave enthusiatic PR talk on atheist activism in Canada.
- PZ did his Science/Atheism Allies talk. Lots of jokes and jabs at the religiose and wooists.

- Being bilingual, I found I missed a lot of simultaneous talks.
- Surprising number of anglophones using translation devices at French talks.
- Met with a few interesting Quebec scientists.
- Missed the David Mabus incident :-( .
Comment by Lorien on October 19, 2010 at 7:14pm
ANYWAYS, this was all started because I said I hate Bilingual conferences. So I haven't heard any comments about the conference whether it was good or bad and how well it was attended.
Comment by TNT666 on October 19, 2010 at 6:46pm
«When in Rome do as the Romans»

When you travel, no matter what region of the world, it is a common courtesy to approach someone in the local language. This is one of the reasons tourists from the USA have such a bad name when traveling. Of course it's not all of them, but a great many. And as anglophones around the world become more and more arrogant, it is to be expected that the willingness to accommodate arrogance is diminished. Conversely, how many times I have heard anglophones bitch, seriously bitch that Québécois insist on switching to English once in conversation, tho the anglo wishes the opportunity to «practice» their French. Being a tourist is not like taking a class. The inhabitants are not «at your service». So the courtesy, EVERYWHERE in the world is 1-Approach in local language, 2-be thankful local switches to your language. That is the golden rule of the traveler.
Comment by Lorien on October 19, 2010 at 6:07pm
I wouldn't call speaking english as being proud. I call it lucky that I was born into a location were it was the language spoken. It is the language that most modern people speak and that of Hollywood so that I can enjoy the movies produced without voice overs.

If 80% of quebecers speak english, why do they insist on being so arrogant when us english visit quebec? Flame away Michel.
Comment by Rudy V Kiist on October 19, 2010 at 5:06pm
Proud of being English?? Of course not! I didn't "do" anything to be proud of...as in I didn't choose or work to be English (besides, I'm only 1/4 English heritage anyway). Being proud of something you have no control over or you're born to is very silly in my opinion (and very elitist). I'm proud of my accomplishments and the things I've actually done and worked for. I had no control over who or what I was born into. I'm also proud of the things my parents have done and what they made of their lives...certainly not the heritage they were born into and had no decision or control over.
Comment by Michel Poisson on October 19, 2010 at 3:40pm
In other new, good news:

Fox News North – Not: Savour the victory
(Source: The Vancouver Sun)

"It’s quite a come down. From in-your-face arrogance to a total retreat in a matter of a few months, the big money behind Quebecor’s determination to set up a Fox news North is now looking pretty humble.

There’s no doubt that part of this is overreach on the part of Pierre Karl Peladeau and his junkyard-dog front man Kory Teneycke. But mostly it is a huge victory for every Canadian who took time to write, email, phone or other wise protest this grotesque plan to move Canadian political culture to the far right. And a victory in particular for Avaaz the on-line social movement that flushed Teneycke and his bully tactics into the open."
Comment by Michel Poisson on October 19, 2010 at 3:26pm
Rudy, are you proud of speaking English too?
Comment by Rudy V Kiist on October 19, 2010 at 2:35pm
Oh, and one more thing...my wife's ancestry is way more impressive...American and Canadian (from as far back can be recorded European wise). Small native tribe from the BC interior, native from the east coast, Ukraine, Scottish, Irish, (and a few other unknown European countries), and one of her relatives even claim there's a little African mixed in somewhere. Now that to me is culture!!
Comment by Rudy V Kiist on October 19, 2010 at 2:28pm
And that my friend is why I'm proud to be Canadian!!

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