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But I am a fan. I live in america. i wished I lived in canada and I wished America was more like Canada in some ways. If i had the chance I would move to canada right now. I might honestly try to later on in life if America keeps heading in the wrong direction. In other words I am joining as to support your group and to make friends encase I ever get the chance to move there.

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I mean but*
Anytime :)
It is an awesome place. I moved here to marry the love I met online, and I have never regretted it.
Maybe I need to find a Canadian girlfriend.
welcome, eh. here's the government's website indicating possible situation in which you would be allowed to move to canada until then, we'll enjoy your company online.
Hey thanks for the website. Looks like to me all I need is to find a skilled job in Canada in order to move there.
indeed. i'm not sure which fields are hiring right now, but i do know the healthcare sector is in dire need of skilled workers; nurses, lab techs, nurses aids etc....


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