The show Dateline last night was about 3 middle-class families that fell out of the middle-class after losing jobs, having medical expenses, etc.  It was really interesting.  I think all 3 families lived in a high COL area of Colorado though.  2 families rented their houses.  They were showing how they all thought they would get jobs right away again, how they were ashamed of having to ask for assistance, ashamed of using food-banks, etc.  One couple split-up from the stress.

I was sort of comparing what would happen to us if my husband lost his job since he is the only bread-winner right now.  It made me want to save more, but we have our house paid-off which is a biggie.  We have no credit card debt.  We do need a bigger savings.  My husband would have to sell his Corvette, which he would in a heartbeat.  That is his/our only 'luxury'.  We wouldn't be able to help our daughter pay for her last 2 years of college.  Our HUGE concern would be that our son is turning 18 in 2 1/2 weeks and has type 1 diabetes, which is an auto-immune disease totally unlike type 2, and HAS to have insulin to live.  Literally.  It is $100 a bottle, and right now we pay nothing. So in the short-term, I think our son's needing health ins. would be our only really scary situation.  I am worried about that for the future anyway!~ Melinda

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What a scary idea to have a son dependant on medicine in such a situation! I hope the Obama health plan is any use - if it works... Here it's a comfort to be insured together with everyone else, as long as the system is there because they`re trying to dismantle it. But I understand many Americans hate the compulsion even if it works well for everyone. That sounds like bs to me: a good general insurance is not compulsion but solidarity.

Exactly Chris!  Actually insulin is a hormone, but still, same-difference! lol.  He does take an ace-inhibitor though to protect his kidneys.  His insulin-pump cost $6,000.00.  Our awesome ins. paid $5,000.00 of it.  It will need to be replaced in maybe 4 years.  There is also the cost of all the blood-test strips, and tons of things that are related to the pump (the tubing, etc. that he uses to change the site, etc.).  I also am on a med. that keeps me from being so nauseous that I literally can only lay on the couch and cry it is so horrible.  Thank SCIENCE for my med. that gave me back my quality of life!  I cannot imagine not having healthcare.  Scary, scary scenario for ALL of us!!!~ Melinda


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