Republicans generally support a voter ID program because they claim it will lead to less fraud, but Democrats oppose it saying that it will disenfranchise minorities and the poor, who are less likely to carry an ID.

My opinion: While I am loath to side with the Republicans on anything (besides, I don't trust them), I don't personally see the harm in having an ID program. I mean, you can't do anything these days without ID -- you can't cash a check, rent an appartment, open a checking account, get a library card, etc.

It seems to me that everyone should have an ID anyhow. So what's the harm in having one to vote? Would it really supress voter turnout and hurt the Democrats?

What do you think?

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I am usually against anything "National" that is not given to the federal government in the Constitution. Too big of government will lead us too trouble. :-( But then again, I do make exceptions, like in times such as these where i feel government intervention in the economy is necessary.
Too big of government will lead us too trouble.

Can you give examples of what you mean?


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