Transcript conroy-qanda.txt attached. Various video options available for viewing here.

Just when you think you can't have any less faith in the competence of the man, he surprises you. Here's a couple of gems -

STEPHEN CONROY: (re: performance impact) Now, the great part about Moore's Law is that the capacity of technology doubles every two years, so technology has improved significantly since the last trial. So we're not afraid to have a trial to find out.

(I wish somebody would have asked him to fully explain Moore's law and its limits, and why it is relevant if bandwidth demand is growing at a faster rate [*])
STEPHEN CONROY: Publishing the list would defeat the purpose of having the list.

(so that means the filtering doesn't work because people could follow the links)
AUDIENCE MEMBER: How many hard working public servants are going to check this list?

STEPHEN CONROY: Well, the censorship - sorry, the classifications board, actually that's its job.

(what a whoopsie)

This person is payed for by your taxes.

[*] - Cisco's conservative projection is 35% per annum, which is almost exactly a doubling every 2 years when compounded.

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Getup are giving us an opportunity to ask questions via Senators Scott Ludlum (Greens), Nick Minchin (Liberal) and Nick Xenophon (Independent) in parliment where he might actually answer the questions instead of just fear mongering about protecting children.

Getup link >

I'm reading The Porn Report at the moment. It says that every bit of censorship has been to protect someone, be it women (cause the people consoring accussed women of being too dumb to see anything sexual), the working class (same reason as given for women) and more recnetly, to protect children.

This is just about protecting their power. The internet is much more powerful than they can ever be and they know it.


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