The Labor Party can notch up another "first" on their resume. We now have a political refugee from this country.

In case anyone missed it, Julian Assange is the director of Wikileaks - and an Australian citizen. Mr. Assange is also a criminal, at least according Senator Conroy (and Kevin Rudd, who holds the stick up his ass). For those that live under rocks, Wikileaks was the organisation responsible for leaking a copy of the trial internet black list that exposed it for the farce that it is, earning Wikileaks itself a black listing and and instantaneous imposition of an $11,000/day fine for any Australian resident making a copy of the list available.

Assange was profiled on SBS' Dateline last Sunday. The episode is viewable online for now here. There is also a transcript which I have attached as a PDF.

Amongst the many interesting things that were discussed was that customs attempted to confiscate Assange's passport on his recent visit on the grounds that ''it was looking worn'', and the he also received a letter from Conroy informing him that he was under investigation by the Australian Federal Police.

It is high time our government dropped this charade that the blacklist will never be used for political purposes. Both Conroy and the Federal government are black liars. All of this is merely a taste of the potential abuse that can occur if the blacklist is allowed to get off the ground - once in place it will be impossible to remove. It is also worth reminding everyone that seems to think we live in a free country, we don't. Unlike the rest of the civilised world, there is no basic bill of rights to protect citizens of this country and we are all effectively at the mercy of whatever government holds legislative power.

As for Mr. Assange, his best defence, and that of Wikileaks, is for both to become household words. The guy is a hero and he deserves any and all support this country can give him. I have whipped up a simple banner ad for Wikileaks -

If you have any web real estate, feel free to use it. The embed code is also attached. Or better yet, be more creative than me and make your own.

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Trying to donate, FG, but paypal keeps coming up with an error screen.
Must be a CIA DDoS attack.

Jokes aside, for all I know, it could well be. It is on their hostile entities list. Wikileaks is up and down like a yo-yo at the best of times.

Thanks for at least trying, all I can say is try later. Out of interest, what is the error?
Went again to copy the error. Success! :) USD25 to a terrorist organisation!
Conroy O'OpusDei is probably fitting the cilices to the flying-death-monkey squads as we speak. (See that? Half Wizard of Oz, half DaVinci Code, all Conroy burn. Genius!)
Status of what ? The blacklist ? It was supposed to have been presented in parliament by now. It hasn't been. I think Labor are finally realising the full scale of the backlash. In one way it is bad - it means they may water it down some more in the hopes of simply getting it passed. This would be just as disastrous - a bill in any form must be stopped, because once it gets a toe in the door, it will creep from there. It needs to be killed dead - with enough fear of the voter for at least the next few administrations to not want to touch it.
He got it back and is safely out of the country. Nothing I have seen beyond what's readily googleable.
I would really like to believe that. Really I would. But by his own account, the passport is quite new.


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