The creeping doom wants to slither in our door.

Muslim leader wants elements of sharia in Australia

ELEMENTS of Islamic law - the sharia - should be legally recognised in Australia so that Muslims can live according their faith, a prominent Muslim leader says.

Addressing an open day at Lakemba Mosque on Saturday, the president of the Australian Islamic Mission, Zachariah Matthews, said parts of sharia could be recognised as a secondary legal system so that Muslims were not forced to act contrary to their beliefs. ''Sharia law could function as a parallel system in the same way that some traditional Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander law was recognised in the Northern Territory,'' Dr Matthews told the Herald after the session.

I have no faith in Rudd - he is both a populist and an appeaser. Being wishy-washy on this issue will only invite another nutjob loon party to form.

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Australia should note what has happened in the UK in relation to this. The people affected by that law are usually helpless victims (women and children) who do not wish to be subject to such laws but have no voting power. Australia should veto the practice of such laws, and of any laws, which oppress its citizens. In other words, no citizen should be free to practice elements of his or her religion if they exploit or victimize people. This includes people who have been brain-washed to accept such oppression as "normal" or the rightful will of someone in authority over them.

In other words, this should be viewed as the human rights issue which it surely is.
Can I ask how this is different to the Maori Laws in NZ? I'm really curious, Aaron, not just being snarky. I know nothing about the topic.
Maoris drink beer and don't blow themselves up.

Don't get me wrong. I'm not comparing Sharia law with Maori law. I would prefer the latter any day. I would support more legal autonomy for Australian Aboriginals if they want to live more traditional lives. I was reluctant to ask the question I just wanted a bit of first hand comment on Maori law.
The answer has to be "No".

Secular democracy must be allowed to penetrate religious and family groups. The strands of Islam that want this will not permit equality between the sexes. I hope that the Australian Government is brave enough to protect the human rights of women and children, they have the most to lose under this proposal. Just conceiving a child does not make the child the property of the father and the religious leaders. If a child says "No" to some oppressive rule, society has to protect that child. Same for women. Marriage does not make her the property of the husband. I don't care if it says that in your Koran. Self evident human rights cannot be waived to suit faith. Issues of equality and human rights trump your holy books every time. If I am wrong, when you get to your heaven just blame me. I am very happy to take the risk of being wrong.

Sharia law, unworkable and inequitable, is what has made their countries of origin the global powerhouses that they are today. Those are the Sharia nirvanas they propose... So, go to them. It's all been done for you. It's all totally ready. Off you go then. Have a nice life. Need a lift to the airport?
I'd like to think it wouldn't happen. The article continues...

'I wasn't talking about sharia law in its entirety - we are not calling for the introduction of the penal system which calls for cutting off hands,'' he said.

Dr Matthews said a clash occurred in some custody matters. ''Under sharia law, if a couple divorce and the mother remarries, her former husband has the right to decide whether the children will live with the new husband or not,'' Dr Matthews said.

''There is still a preference for the child to go with the mother, but the father has the ultimate decision.

So, in practical terms...if an Islamic woman is divorced and remarries she risks losing custody of her child at the whim of her ex-husband? That sounds like a powerful way to ensure that such women never remarry. I wouldn't take that risk myself. I would be very depressed to see anything like that being introduced as "ok" here.

Why do people come here if they aren't prepared to adapt to our laws and culture? If they want things just like home they need to stay home.
Joumanah El Matrah, the director of the Islamic Women's Welfare Council of Victoria, wrote an excellent article in The Age addressing this issue last year. (LINK)

It is a very well written piece and I highly recommend reading it. To sum it up very briefly, it was in response to one individual in Victoria saying he wanted sharia law introduced in family law (LINK). The Islamic Council of Victoria stated they were not interested in introducing sharia law. The Islamic Women's Welfare Council of Victoria opposes the introduction of sharia law to family court proceedings. The use of sharia law in the family courts has been shown to be unfair in Britain with women feeling pressured into using the Sharia court for fear of being ostracised from their community. El Matrah also points out that a separate court system violates Islamic doctrine that states 'muslims must abide by the political and legal system of their state'.

Granted, this article is talking about Victorian organisations, not NSW ones. But chances are a few NSW Islamic groups will have a few things to say about this in days to come. It's not just us atheists who think this is a bad idea!


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