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For people that don't understand the implications, this is a nice simulation - http://nanourl.net/f5b21

Check your local newspapers - they'll all have the same story.

Wikileaks.org has posted the ACMA list. As I write, neither the domain nor its IP address is visible from Australia. It may be worse - the whole of Wikileaks appears to have been blown off the 'net entirely.

A mirror of the list is here, for the curious -

Copies will get reposted faster than they can get taken down.

To paraphrase from memory a statement by Wikileaks a few days ago -

The first rule of censorship is to censor discussion of censorship.

Whirlpool is getting severe threats from ACMA.


Electronic Frontiers Australia

Let Conroy know your opinion -


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Be careful, posting links to stuff on the blacklist or posting this list is a $10,000AUD fine.

Wikileaks is on the list. Also publishing a link to the list , you can be prosecuted for publishing links to child porn etc irrespective of the content filter under current law.

Also, wikileaks is down because of traffic (apparently) and also, the list was said not to be the ACMA blacklist, but you can still get fined for publishing it etc

the internets will bite back, give it time and a hefty millions of dollars till conroy recognises that it JUST WON'T WORK.

references :



Be careful, posting links to stuff on the blacklist or posting this list is a $10,000AUD fine.

If you are on an Australian webserver. We're not.
Felch, no, your an Australian, publishing links to child porn.

That's the implications. Read up on what the ACMA has said about posting links to the list on most major news sources eg:


"ACMA said Australians caught distributing the list or accessing child pornography sites on the list could face criminal charges and up to 10 years in prison."

Seriously. The ACMA prosecutes people currently for providing access, distributing child pornography. Providing links to where it can be found is considered illegal currently.

Disclaimer : I am a web hosting provider
Wait a second.. this is Australia you live in right?? not China?

Not that you would go to most of those websites on the block list because they are just cheap ways to get your jollies off BUT what is next?? are they going to block anti Australian government website? Atheist websites? torrent websites?

Thats just complete BS.

Glad I live in New Zealand... theres an idea :-) come on over the ditch we will welcome you with open arms.
well im not an ausi and that is wrong against the human rights of free speech. what would pat condell say... well oddly enough he did post a vid on the subject of fee speech today. anyways... if i was there i would do what all Americans are trained to do.... bitch at there government till they change it. sure there should be enough people to stand up and not take this... cause when will it no longer be the child porn but the educational ones too
For those concerned about even looking at the list, in a testament to the stupidity of all involved with this fiasco -

* It is not illegal to look at the list

* It is not illegal for me to email you the list

* It is not illegal for me to host the list on my personal ftp server in Australia for people to download

* For that matter, I don't even think it is illegal to host it on my web server

What is illegal is me giving you a link on an Australian webserver that points to the file on my web or ftp server, or anywhere else. It's linking thats the crime.

Of course, if I post the link on a foreign website that points to my Australian machines, that's OK too. Or I could get real medieval and have a dial up BBS.

Anyone even remotely involved with this idiocy should be banned from touching a computer again FOR LIFE.

Davo: Wikileaks is hosted by PRQ networks, most famous for hosting Pirate Bay and probably most of the webs torrents. I doubt they would get overloaded. A Wikileaks ( trace gets as far as ge0.tr0.sth3.prqinet.net [] and then times out. Wikileaks is offline right now, for whatever reason; its innacessible from the US and Europe as well.
Please provide references as to why you are saying the statements above are true and not just your assumptions.

I run servers here in Australia and the US, and as an Australian provider I am subject to Australian law even on my US servers. Believe me, I have had legal implications with the Government before, the AFP (asking to provide logs) and copyright.
Link: Viewing or possession RC content is not in itself illegal unless the content falls afoul of some other statute, such as those governing child-abuse material.

It is true. Only hyperlinking is currently being persecuted. The EFA are freely reviewing the lists without any interference. You shoud read more. "RC" is "refused classification" - its what the list is called. The list itself is "content". It is not illegal to view.
No I am not saying it is illegal to view, or possess, just saying be careful, as the decision on publishing, thus providing access, has not been clearly defined.

Just been having the discussion with others in the legal area, clearly ISP's and content providers have the $11,000 fine for doing so, but it is not clear as yet whether individuals can or will be, charged for dissemination of links to illegal content. The list does contain information on accessing child pornography, and the dissemination of the list is the point being discussed atm

Thus, if you are providing links, and publishing and disseminating links to child pornography, under current law technically you are committing an offence.

it's one big big issue
Thus, if you are providing links, and publishing and disseminating links

You said, in your own words, exactly what I originally said.
Q&A -

>STEPHEN CONROY: The system doesn't quite work like that. They issue take down notices. If someone tries to publicise it - people can go and look at some material that's on that list and having a look at it is not a crime.


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