Power’s in balance after rise of the crossbenchers

LABOR has been swept away by strong swings in NSW and Queensland, leaving Australia facing a hung Parliament with both houses to be controlled by independents and a surging Greens party.

Labor and the Coalition each fell short last night of winning the majority 76 seats needed to govern in their own right and last night both sides immediately started wooing the four independents and one Green who secured seats in the House of Representatives.

I, for one, am breathing a collossal sigh of relief. This whole exercise has been useful for clearly demonstrating that that the idea of having an atheist Prime Minister is ultimately meaningless, irrelevant and carries with it no guarantee of spontaneous social enlightenment or progress.

I was, and still am, perplexed as to the reasoning behind Julia Gillard's spontaneous proclamation of godlessness given that she then immediately proceeded to systematically piss off and alienate the entire godless demographic. As for the general public, the proclamation was greeted with as much shock as the fact that she is female and has red hair. No one gave a flying fuck. Some feeble attempts were made to escalate her godlessness as wedge issue by the churches and "family focus" groups - but they were completely and utterly ignored. At least I find some comfort in that.

A brief synopsis of Gillard's mindset -

* The Great Firewall of Australia - she had the perfect opportunity to drop this like a stinking turd. She didn't. The censorship scheme has been riddled with bullets technically, displayed her government for the secretive sneaks that they are and was overwhelmingly rejected (90+%) by the general public in every poll conducted. Yet she insisted on proceeding business as usual - using the rationale that if the government could control what we see at the cinema, only stupid people would think they should not have the same control over the 'net. On its heels a proposed scheme for ISP data retention surfaced, exceeding the insanity of any such similar scheme proposed anywhere else. The proposal would effectively create individual personal dossiers on every 'net user detailing their every online activity, right down to each email and chat connection. A freedom of information request to obtain the proposal document finally succeeded - and what was released was a document with 90% of the content redacted with thick black marker pen. There is more than just a hint of the stench of mindless Stalinist authoritarianism around Gillard.

* Refusal to even revisit the subject of establishing full equal standing for gay relationships/marriage, despite majority public support and having Penny Wong as an openly lesbian senior minister in her government.

* And the cherry on top - pledging to expand the school chaplain program [1][2][3].

Of course, this is not a comprehensive list, but it's a disgraceful one. None of these things can even be justified as clever politics - they are not, they are vote losers. Rather it shows that despite the claim of godlessness, Gillard is neither progressive nor a freethinker. In fact she is a retrograde conservative of the worst kind.

There is a lesson here for all the confirmation bias junkies that love to wave around "studies" of how superior atheists are to theists in every respect. They are not. They bleed and shit the same. I am celebrating Gillard's loss. Her atheism is cosmetic - and it is meaningless. The other lesson is that there are plenty of devout theists that share my concerns for the above issues - including school chaplaincy as a bad idea. I would have no qualms whatsoever electing them even if they are xtians.

Ms. Gillard, this is for you -

And this is for your dog -

Good riddance.

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Sad but true every single word of it. I used to be a Labor voter but for the first time preferenced the Liberal party over them. The reason you've mentioned all rang true with me but there were a few others. This Labor government gave us more censorship than Howard ever did. Conroy insulted those who disagreed with his as supporting child porn and I took particular offence to that.

I don't for a minute believe that Abbot offers a better alternative, I just voted for him because as far as I'm concerned Labor no longer stands for anything. I may disagree with work choices, but you know what I can live with it, I find data retention to be far more unacceptable. If Labor is to move forward it needs to re-examine itself.

A hung parliament should be seen a big fuck you to both of the major parties. We want neither of you ruining our country. Go back and develop some policies that offer us some substance and stop promoting bigoted racist values.
Hear hear!
Q. What's the definition of despair?

A. When Tony Abbott is the lesser evil.
OH fu#k me YES!

How awful this choice?
perhaps a hermaphrodite...

I'm sickened by our choices in this election.

I'm going to drown myself in shitty booze and Jack White (as Dead Weather - Cut like a Buffalo - and progressively darker musical stuff).
I am reasonably happy with the outcome of this election. I'm going to take a punt here and just assume that Labor gets back in. I just hope that the Greens put the pressure on Labor and make sure that it shifts back towards secular progressive values. Labor needs to realise that rational people wont vote for Labor if it continues to try and push conservative ideology onto us. Legislation such as the internet filter and data retention undoubtedly played a part in people shifting their preferences to the Greens. Australian social attitudes thankfully seem to be shifting in the right direction but we need a government which represents that. We certainly aren't getting that from either of the two major parties at the moment, but regardless of who takes office the next three years will be very interesting.


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