The boy who paints like an old master
His pictures cost upwards of £900, there are 680 people on a waiting list to buy them, and his second exhibition sold out in 14 minutes. Patrick Barkham meets the gifted artist Kieron Williamson, aged seven

Kieron Williamson kneels on the wooden bench in his small kitchen, takes a pastel from the box by his side and rubs it on to a piece of paper.

"Have you got a picture in your head of what you're going to do?" asks his mother, Michelle.

"Yep," Kieron nods. "A snow scene."

Because it is winter at the moment, I ask.


Do you know how you want it to come out?


And does it come out how you want it to?

"Sometimes it does."

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Me too. If the is this talented now, just think of how he'll be when his mind really developes. I am SO ENVIOUS.
I highly recommend reading the entire article. The parents seem to be doing the right thing, not pushing, not discouraging, not rushing, not giving him too much ego.

The boy seems to have a great head on his shoulders, does not want to grow up to be Picasso, wants to be himself, he also excels at other things
"I am also top of the class in maths, English, geography and science," he says carefully

One of the most telling things is that he does not copy exactly, he puts his own creativity into his work and changes it to reflect his thought of how he would like it to be. That is one of the most difficult things when learning art, it separates the true artists from those who can only copy.

I like the fact that sometimes he just wants to play in the mud, even if his dad has taken him to a scenic spot for painting inspiration. I really like that his dad is okay with that and that his parents are happy if he is happy, even if that means giving up art.

Lovely article
There was also a 10 year old girl who paints like an old master as well, she was on Maury. She has painted over 1,000 paintings or more if I remember correctly, she's so good, they look like pictures... She's going to be a wonderful artists just like this boy here...


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