2011.09.17 - Videos were removed, so I've had to replace them.



Black holes on Wikipedia: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Black_holes


An example of graviational lensing caused by a black hole:


File:BlackHole Lensing.gif

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Seriously neat stuff!  Thanks for posting!
Hope you like (or liked) it.

Thanks for the link:


Science goals
  • To determine the origin of GRBs. There seem to be at least two types of GRBs, only one of which can be explained with a hypernova, creating a gamma-ray beam. More data is needed to explore other explanations.
  • To use GRBs to expand understanding of the young universe. GRBs seem to take place at "cosmological distances" of many millions or billions of light-years, which means they can be used to probe the distant, and therefore young, cosmos.
  • To conduct an all-sky survey which will be more sensitive than any previous one, and will add significantly to scientific knowledge of astronomical X-ray sources. Thus, it could also yield unexpected results.
  • To serve as a general purpose gamma-ray/X-ray/optical observatory platform, performing rapid "target of opportunity" observations of many transient astrophysical phenomena, such as supernovae.

Youtube's been busy.

This is the 2nd video today I've seen taken down in the middle of watching it.

Darnit. I watched this weeks ago and have been meaning to post it. I should have done it then.


I'll check back periodically and see if it has been reposted in the future. Otherwise, try your library.

This looks like the same program, with slight variation, made for Nat Geo: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9WneZlr2d8s
Thanks for posting this!  Very interesting!


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