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I found this video helpful, not being a physicist.

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Thanks from a fellow non-physicist for sharing that! In particular, it discussed why a Higgs field was hypothesized at all.

I learned from this complementary video, as well:
("The Higgs Boson Explained" from PHD Comics; thanks to Loren Miller for sharing it here on A/N)

To anyone who knows:  At 2:25 of the "Dummies" video, it shows Standard Model chart that is very different from the one in Wikipedia.  That model seems to be rather complete without any "missing place" for the Higgs Boson.  The one in the video has 8 extra grid spaces, seven of which seem to be taken by one particle, "gluon".  WTF?  I can't figure where the Higgs fits into the Standard Model ....


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