This question was asked before by another member of Atheist Nexus who, unfortunately, left the site about 6 months ago. When he left, his discussions went with him. (I hate that about Ning.) That is too bad, really, because that topic received more responses than any other discussion thread on A|N that I have ever seen -- well over 400, I believe.

Well, I don't plan on leaving A|N anytime soon, so I'm going to ask that question all over again. We've had a lot of new members since the first time, so this will be a good chance for all the new faces, and some of the old, to vent once again about why they are single.

So, why are you single?

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Mmmmm, talk nerdy to me...
I am single because my 2nd wife hated living in Kansas (can't blame her there) and got tired of living (and working) with me and returned to live with her family in Florida. She wasn't much of a wife to me the last couple of years, but I was still sad to see her go. I mean, part of me was just waiting for her to leave on her own terms because she wasn't good for me, but part of me still loved her. The worst thing about living alone is having to cook for one person. I love to cook, almost every day, but cooking for one just takes all the fun out of it. I think if I lived in a larger town, or even on main KSU campus, I wouldn't be single for too long, but I just don't get a chance to meet any interesting women out here. Looking at the comments of younger people below, I have to say I stayed single until I was 35 without a care in the world. But it gets a bit grim when you get to 52.
I hear you on the cooking thing. And I cook in a kitchen all day long. I try to make a few meals for myself on the weekend, but most nights I go home and it's "which can of soup shall it be today?"
Good for you Bill. Cycling is great. Easier on the joints than running for us older guys.
Thanks for the cooking suggestions. I do a lot of batch freezing too, but then I forget what is buried in the freezer. Also, I like to use a variety of fresh vegetables and that is hard to do without a lot of waste. So I end up sacrificing variety. I cook a lot of fish too. I think if you choose carefully, you will find that flash-frozen fish can be just as good as fresh. Bon appetit!
I was going to suggest the frozen fish thing too. Being in a land-locked state, that's pretty much all I trust. Also buying the bags of frozen shrimp is just bloody handy to have around.
firstly becuase i live in a damned country with few atheist population so there are not many cases for me and even if there are i can't find and even try !
Yeah, I was going to suggest you start some internet group for nontheist persian/arab singles, but the mullas would probably find you and have you stoned by the Basij militia...
i don't have enough time for that by the way persians and arabs never had a good relationships!(i am talking generally not personally)
Hey, I suggest you check out OKcupid. This completely free international dating site seems to have 10,000-20,000 members logged on at any time. It was started by some dropout Harvard mathematicians, near as I can tell. There are all kinds of matching tools, tests etc., I was quite impressed. This is like the google of internet dating. I'll have to re-take my Slut Test though - I scored way too high :)
Im probably single because in truth its trust issues just never had it in me to trust a person to that degree. Ive gotten better but it still takes awhile gotta love love i guess since you never can be sure how its all gonna pan out
"Women marry men hoping they will change. Men marry women hoping they will not. So each is inevitably disappointed." —Albert Einstein
Being married I don't belong to this group but alas! I wish I would have been. Never knew the little girl I married will transform into such a dictator.


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