This question was asked before by another member of Atheist Nexus who, unfortunately, left the site about 6 months ago. When he left, his discussions went with him. (I hate that about Ning.) That is too bad, really, because that topic received more responses than any other discussion thread on A|N that I have ever seen -- well over 400, I believe.

Well, I don't plan on leaving A|N anytime soon, so I'm going to ask that question all over again. We've had a lot of new members since the first time, so this will be a good chance for all the new faces, and some of the old, to vent once again about why they are single.

So, why are you single?

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Thanks Rayray - hopefully my "needle in a haystack" is as positive a thinker! Let's see, reasons to enjoy being single:

- When I wake up, I don't have to worry about waking someone else up, and vice versa.

- No fighting/compromising over what to watch on TV (or computer screen in my case) or listen to on the radio.

- I can fart in bed without worry that I've totally turned someone off.
All laudable goals.
Probably because, like a size-14 shoe, I don't fit very many people. Nothing wrong with me, I just don't match up very well with an average Jane.
The only reasons I'm still single is that I have baggage from my last relationship that has for some unfounded reason sapped all the confidence out of me and that I'm horribly shy.
you can simply say being an atheist in a Muslim majority country like Egypt means to be single .
there is no simple solution
i can't declare my atheism because either i will be killed by my family or get prisoned by the state or at least live totally isolated and no one will like to hire me for work :) .

marriage is obligatory if you want not to be single, leave the details like your marriage must be plessed by sheik (a Muslim priest). civilian marriage is unidentified in Egypt.

the problem is how to get an atheist partner in a country like mine without declaring your atheism , besides this atheist partner must be from a Muslim family , so marriage be acceptable socially.

i really envy you western atheist for your freedom .
Well, atheist engineer, that certainly puts things in perspective. I hope you find a way to be yourself and be happy.

Alright, so I've learned to small talk in the last three years, but I still can't seem to get past the first date.  I've come up with a few alternative theories to hopefully explain the problem:


1.  The Universe hates me for some reason.

2.  I'm stuck in a simulated universe with very poor AI and programming.

Mississippi ... the 486-based cluster-farm of the Matrix.
you aren't supposed to actually be interested in what she has to say, just let her talk.  Seriously, the more she talks, the better it'll go.  Ask her all sorts of stupid mundane questions.
That might work on an idiot.  How would you enjoy talking to a woman who wasn't interested in what you had to say and insisted on asking all sorts of stupid mundane questions?
I have some serious issues with that statement, myself.  If you aren't interested in what someone has to say, then why are you dating him/her?  You don't have to share every interest, but you have to have at least something in common.  Listening to someone babble without having any interesting input of your own is only going to work for so long.


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