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So you meet someone from online for the first time in person and . . .

They are not what you expected, there is no attraction, you are just not into them, and you are sure you do not want to see them again. Do you just not talk to them again? I feel like this is kind of rude. Do you tell them this? (kind of harsh) or what???????
This is all so new to me. Advice? Opinions?

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So telling them that they smell bad, they are much fatter than their pic, and that they never told you that they had 6 nipples isn't the proper way to get rid of them?
Well, I have two answers to this; what I do, and how most women I know handle it. (Not sure about other guys, perhaps a woman could tell us how they do it?)

If I'm not interested in her, I usually say something like, "You know, you're great, but I don't think we're looking for the same things." or "but I think we're a little too different." It' a no-thanks without being critical.

I'd prefer it if she did the same, but usually most women handle it instead by just cutting off contact; not answering the phone, not responding to email, and so on. Yes, it is rude, but there it is.


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