Has anyone ever had any luck finding long-term friends or lovers from online personals? I made one good friend through a newspaper ad years ago, and we were good friends for about 7 years. Other than that, I find them pretty disappointing. I don't use the sex ones, just the platonic ones, but people are often not what they say they are, or they're pretty boring. What has been your experience?

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I became friends/lovers with a lady I met on one of those. We were together for less than a year though. On the whole, I thought the entire experience, from meeting her online to breaking up, was a good one. I would never have met her otherwise and have no regrets.
What about the other responses you got? Or was it you or her that placed the ad first?
I don't really remember any of the other responses, it seems like there were only a few, before I met Amy. I couldn't find anyone that I was interested in responding to other than her.
I have never had any luck. I tend to find people i like when i come into sites aimed at mutual discussions, such as AN, since i am more likely to meet people who are interested in similar subjects as myself - at least as far as educational subjects are concerned, and since i have many academic interests, i tend to find many people on the same wavelength when i come into these kind of sites.

Other singles sites aimed at just anyone are different since i find that the people on them sites tend to be much more perverted and also seem to want to tell me that they love me after talking for a whole five minutes, that pisses me off. I'm not the type of person to fall in love instantly, i need time to get to know a person before i can actually love them, it is too deep an emotion for me to fall so easily.

I have fallen for a guy that i have met online, but it is not love since i have never met him. I'd love to meet him though and see what developed, we have been speaking online for over two years and i know him very well...at least as well as one can after only conversing through a computer!!
It's like gambling. Some people get lucky, some don't. I've met some good girls I liked, but it would eventually because of religion. Met atheist girl once on myspace, but she had to move away from my area.

The only difference from gambling is that you can keep betting, you won't lose money.

Not exactly true, you can lose money.
Yeah, I've had similar experiences with trying to make friends online. It is a lot of time with very little return, and people seem very fickle.
Yeah, I think they should at least respond. I'm generally pretty polite, except when a clearly crazy person contacts me, then I just ignore it.
Yeah, it seems everyone's experiences are different. I've been posting to dating sites here recently, and had no luck at all. Guys can't even be friendly for the most part, unless they want to screw you.
I've met one friend online who's about 20yrs older than me. I'd probably be head over heals for her if we were closer in age, but even still she's very awesome. She's pretty much done what I hope to do with myself just ahead of schedule.

On the relationship front I've had the best luck with OKCupid. They do pretty good personality matching and are a free site so I'd say that's probably one of the better chances online of finding someone that's a good match. I've seen plenty of people I'd like to meet on there, but few of them live this deep in the southeast. :\ I've talked to a few who sounded good, but they didn't seem terribly interested within the first few messages.
It seems like dating sites have a low signal/noise ratio, but it doesn't take much effort to at least put your name in the hat and see who says hi. The way I see it there's probably a better chance of meeting a non-religous person on a dating site than there is of stumbling into one on the streets where I am.
The problem with all these are that 1.) people can't be honest, and 2.) they are often lazy, and dont' fill it out properly or completely.

Every time I would enter the search criteria for the stats that I was looking for, e.g., 50 miles from zip, 25 - 45 yrs old, any race, agnostic/atheist, non-smoker, no drugs, liberal, etc., I always got the same response: NO RESULTS FOUND.

And yet there were thousands and thousands of memebers. I was on that one for years, and only had email contact with one guy. Once I (quite honestly) told him that I was not an extremely handsome guy, the emails stopped. I don't think people want or appreciate honesty. What they want is the illusion.


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