Has anyone ever had any luck finding long-term friends or lovers from online personals? I made one good friend through a newspaper ad years ago, and we were good friends for about 7 years. Other than that, I find them pretty disappointing. I don't use the sex ones, just the platonic ones, but people are often not what they say they are, or they're pretty boring. What has been your experience?

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I'm in the middle of moving to another state, so I'm gonna have to take a pass on the idea of starting any new threads of my own at this time. Right now I'd rather drop a comment or two on other people's threads and just go with that for now. If anybody else wants to start a new thread on this, be my guest.
roller coasters
no wait, dramas yes
hey, any Florida ladies interested in a single dad up in here!?

anyhow, it does not hurt, just live. mistakes will happen, that's how life evolved, remember?

like a song I heard goes:
"...get your evolution on" - clutch
I've tried OKcupid and match.com. Never had a reply.
I'm actually looking into the online dating thing now -something I promised myself I'd never do. It's time consuming and tedious. Plus most of these dating sites advertise themselves as free,but when you're done making a profile you have to pay a fee to become a "gold" or a "top" member to exchange info,emails and for instant messaging with other members. I can't help but to wonder if I'm just wasting my time & money.

It might be worth a shot,although the only other person I ever met online to date was kind of on accident.I mean I wasn't looking to date anyone,but she was just so persistent on meeting IRL I figured "Why not? What's the worst that could happen? She is beautiful after all".

I won't go into detail,but It turned out to be quite disastrous,a regrettable mistake.One I don't want to repeat again. We were just on totally different paths in life with completely different goals.

Further more,most of these so-called "matches" I keep finding in my inboxes for these sites are people I have virtually nothing in common with,or they're very far away.Even worse yet,many are too young for me and think my age is a typo judging by the pictures (well,at least one did anyway lol). Another big problem is that many of these women on these sites won't even consider a guy under 5'10",and most of the shortest of the shorties out of them only date 6' or taller! Gimmie a break!

It's kind of reminding me of searching for other musicians to work with online.You can have a great phone convo with somebody and think you're compatible.But when you meet up to a jam space or a warehouse somewhere,you find their personality is very different from what you've perceived based on the phone discussions.They don't actually own musical equipment they said they did,and they can't actually play songs they said they could.Their skill set is lacking and then you find out later that they don't have the experience playing live they proclaimed they did.

I'm wondering if meeting someone online to see in person could be similar -or worse. But I guess I'll just have to put my negative experiences behind me and try to remain positive.
6' and taller? WTF? That's what, maybe 10% of the male population? I mean a lot of guys are close to that, but the average is something like 5'8", apparently. I'm barely 6'1", so I don't care either way, but it seems like girls are cutting themselves way too thin on prospects for a mere physical trait.

I feel your pain, man. I've done some online personals dating, but never any relationships that really went anywhere. My longest relationships have been with a girl I met through a nationwide Pagan message board, who happened to live two streets over from me; a friend of one of my platonic, female friends that my friend hooked me up with; and a girl I met in my local, atheist meetup.com group.
@ Joseph P : "...6' and taller? WTF? That's what, maybe 10% of the male population? I mean a lot of guys are close to that, but the average is something like 5'8", apparently..."

For lack of a better phrase ,you're preaching to the choir,brother!! LoLz n a half
According to the stats I've seen, only 6% of the entire population is over 6' tall. Yet fully 51% of women want a guy that tall. Which probably explains why so many women complain that they can't find any guys - they are all chasing after the same small group of extremely-tall men!
This is so true, i know a loooooot of females if you short no dice, but as they get older, change their mind.
Yeah,they seem to change their tune pretty quick once they've past the big 3 0 and there's mouths to feed.
Problem is, by the time they change their minds, they are old enough that most guys don't want them any more.

Humans are damned contrary.
My two biggest and longest relationships was from online.


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