Has anyone ever had any luck finding long-term friends or lovers from online personals? I made one good friend through a newspaper ad years ago, and we were good friends for about 7 years. Other than that, I find them pretty disappointing. I don't use the sex ones, just the platonic ones, but people are often not what they say they are, or they're pretty boring. What has been your experience?

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I've had some relationships from the personals over the years. One does need to weed through them. Match dot com and yahoo personals are 2 popular big ones. They both used to be free several years ago until they had a large enough population that they started to charge money. Too much money in my opinion, so I have not used them in a few years.

A few days ago I did some research, and to my surprise, there are now several totally free personals places (they survive on advertisements). So though this thread is about our previous experiences, I will get off subject a bit and tell you all about the sites I presently have experience with.

I just joined up with the 2 supposed largest free ones, AND you can do an advanced search for "not religious" on one of them and atheist, agnostic, not religious on another. Here are the URL's for the 2 big free ones. (If I can get it to work, you might need to copy and paste, a link should show up between my paragraphs.)


This one plentyoffish dot com is supposed to be the largest one out there now. It allows you to do a search before you go through the timely process of creating a profile, which is probably one reason why they are so big. So please go ahead and do a search in you area, it will only take a few minutes (do a "search" first, then in the next window you can do an "advanced search"). You can only search for "not religious" on that one.


This one datehookup dot com is a large one also. You can search for any combination of "religion:" including for us, "atheist", "agnostic", and/ or "not religious". This one you need to create a profile first before you can do a search.

There are also a few freethinker/ atheist only sites. Here are 2 of the larger ones that I know of.


Best of luck out there.
Ty, thanks for your reply. I may check these out sometime.
Check out the plentyoffish site. Supposedly this site is run by one person and is bigger than ALL the others combined!! The pictures have to be approved so I'm not sure how that is done if it is only one person. I like the story though. I'd like to see the expensive sites put out of business, or at least force them to come way down in price. Match dot com is something like $35 a month or over a hundred a year just to push a few bytes of data around.
Have fun!
My Xbox live isn't even that much.
POF is a great site. I've met a lot of people on there. Although, OKcupid.com is my favorite. There are a lot of atheists and non-religious people on there. It also has questionaires and quizzes to find out if someone is your "type" or not. Lots of fun!
Now that it is 2009, and although I cannot rationally ascribe any reason to think the year 2009 will bring anything romantic as I desire, I nevertheless hope that the new year will be an opportunity to reform my employment prospects and a new love life, so here is to finding happiness, in whatever form it takes: Happy New Year - everyone!

I'm not optimistic about these things. I met a cool girl over the summer and it held together for about 9 months. I enjoyed the experience but in the end it wasn't a good long term arrangement.
Like someone else here, I also have a profile on OKCupid. I've met a few people off of there, one of which I keep up with on a regular basis. I can also say for certain that it's more secular-friendly than many websites I've seen.

I get better results by meeting people I have more in common with than merely shared singleness. But still, I keep the profile up just in case. Never know what comes tomorrow, right?
I've been on dating sites for about 2 years now and I've probably tried them all. It's been very interesting and a lot of fun. I've had some great dates and conversations. I've been turned on to new bands, movies, this site, etc., so I think it's a worthwhile experience. All the dating has helped me figure out what I want in a man and what I definitelty don't want. I'd recommend it to anyone.
Thanks for this!
I used Eharmony for awhile, it's a good service but its is very expensive. Around $60 a month without coupons. They tend to weed out the morons, and the people looking for a quick hook-up which is good, but the amount of matches I received although few, were of better quality. The matches I received were notably more intelligent and interesting than from any of the other sites.
I met a girl once that led to a 2 year relationship . She was a typical southern gal I guess. She was smart and funny but soooo old fashioned. She would literally live to clean house, cook, and be at my every beck and call. Of course this was awesome the first few months but then it got boring pretty quickly and I began to feel like I was abusing the situation (she would get offended if I cleaned, washed dishes, did laundry). Finally I ended things because I felt I wouldn't be able to keep myself from abusing the situation and thought that not only did she deserve better but I deserved someone I could look at as an equal..... (everyguy out theres is probably saying to themselves "what the fuck were you thinking?") (me too sometimes.!?)..........Then she married an asshole redneck who stays drunk and cheats on her while she tends to his every whim.. Soo yea. TMI huh :D

I guess results may vary.
I tried Craig's List and got a death threat from a theist. I quit trying CL after that. My brother found a wonderful, smart, fun atheist girlfriend on a site though, I think it was PoF.


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