Hey, my name is Jessica and I'm from a small town outside of Tulsa Ok.  I'm having a hard time meeting any atheists.  Right now I would settle for someone that didn't look at me like I was going to eat their soul when I tell them I'm an atheist. Anyone else live in this little corner of hell the bible belt? 

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My mother was (I believe) paranoid-schizophrenic. Violent & abusive, too. When she finally died, my (now-ex) GF and I were the only people at the funeral (other than the minister.) Her whole family was glad to be rid of her. I couldn't blame them.

I wonder if it's genetic. Her sister is crazy, too, though in a different way. Her delusions are very specific, and frankly, relatively harmless.
Schizophrenia is a genetic form of psychosis, yes. Have fun with that, when it kicks in for you, man. :-P
I'm hoping I can avoid the mental-illness part of things. Those in her family that are wacko, seem to be that way pretty much from Day One, so hopefully I won't have any surprises in store for me.
Hi, Jessica. I really suck at geography, so please forgive me if my "locater" is off. There is a prominent group of "us" in Austin, TX. If that's not close to you, go to the "American Atheist" website and see if they have groups listed by location. The back of my AA mag lists an Atheist group in OK at www.atheists.org/ok/ You can also try hooking up at a "Meetup.com" site. Just type in your location and that you're interested in Atheist, Freethinker, Humanist, etc. I found a couple groups in my area that way.

And BTW...what's wrong with "eating their souls"? They won't be needing them where they're going!
She's kind of off in the middle of nowhere, atheism-wise. She's about 450 miles from Austin, so that's a bit far for getting involved with anything. Her best bet is Oklahoma City, which is still about 140 miles. That's apparently made more painful by the tolls on I-44. It's a bit further than most are willing to go for regular meet-ups.

Hmm, I just pulled it up on Meetup.com, though. It doesn't look like Tulsa is completely dead. The Tulsa Atheists Meetup Group has 330 members. Figuring the usual 1 in 10 activity level, that's still a reasonable number of people. It looks like they had 46 show up to one activity, recently. That's usually inflated a little by people failing to check off that they didn't make it, but still ...
wanted to reply to this thread and say. I'm from tulsa and I completely understand where you are coming from.


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