Introduce yourself with a little pertinent info and maybe a recent photo.

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What do you want my life story advertised in public?? I have privacy issues.

Seeing your extremely brief original intro next to the all-about-me posts that populate this thread, what I wanted was to make a tongue-in-cheek, but not-meant-to-offend snarky remark about it.

That said, you and I would probably run into each other at the cinema as we're watching many of the same films.

*peace handshake*
Hi, I'm Mike, a newly single atheist in Corpus Christi, TX. Well almost. The divorce goes through as soon as the legal t's are crossed and i's dotted. I am the father of a 9 year old who is incredibly smart. I was raised a Mormon but have since come to my senses. I have a cat I inherited when my wife left and couldn't take her. I am a workaholic IT Professional and in my spare time am active in the Corpus Christi Atheists (yes we revel in the irony of the name) and participate in a local comedy troupe. If anyone here is in the CC area don't be afraid to say howdy.
Alright Mike, we'll have to start cruising local bookstores for girls reading Dawkins I guess.
Hello fellow non believers, I'm Medb, the modern incarnation of an Irish warrior queen. I'm 30, divorced & a Biochemical Engineering major. I live in northern California, & I've been an atheist since I was a kid. I spend my weekends getting lost in the Bay Area or learning swing & ballroom dance when I'm not studying.
i am 37 years old & live in IRAN ,my free songs based on Khayyam’s poems
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I chose Khayyam’s poems (translated by Edward Fitzgerald , EH Whinfield , Shahriar Shahriari , Saidi , ….)
`Rubai' is a four line verse: where lines 1 & 2 speaks of major and minor accepted `truths', line 3 states a dilemma, contradiction or conclusion, and line 4 confirms or re-asserts the conclusion, with emphasis
I Mixed Those Rubaiyat To Describe This World Like a cook or Like a chemist ,Because I Have studied chemistry in university or Perhaps Like a dramatist , Because I Have written a symbolic drama based on 11 sept or Maybe Like a empirical man or mayhap Like a materialist Because I believe in logic, not pope.
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Hi i'm 20 and i'm from Ireland. I am doing physics and astrophysics in college. I have a particular interest in astronomy and i'm a sci-fi fanatic. would love to meet other atheists from Ireland
Hey, I'm Jess. 26 years old living in Southern California. I'm an artist and a writer. I am also an anarchist, pacifist, vegan, straightedge, feminist, and queer. I read a lot and I don't watch TV. I like punk music, black and white movies, and penguins.
Damn, sounds like a lot of us here could use a boost of the positives.

I totally relate Brandon to the disliking of life ... and I've found that disliking life lends itself all to easily to disliking of oneself.

I've also found communities like this one help, knowing that I'm not the only one on this island of misfit toys. Here's hoping we all find a bit of help in it.
I used to hate almost everything and everyone around me, and be frequently miserable because of it. trying to change that into positivity by focusing on love instead of hate didn't work for me at all, but what did work was the realization that by choosing, through sheer bloody-minded stubborn determination to be happy, I could choose happiness basically out of spite. Might not work for everyone, works great for me.

This kind of mood-shift isn't really practicable against genuine depression, but I found that for me, looking at my own depression as being not a mood thing but being like a car with the idle set too low, that helped me to handle it more effectually. If my car's idle was too slow I wouldn't try to cheer it up, I'd just be patient and give myself more time to merge and such, not get upset if it died at a stop light, not go "oh no!" and want to talk about it's views & feelings, just start it up again, and proceed. Once I did that I stopped seeing depression as being "wrong" as in either bad or incorrect, but as a neutral thing that I could respond to with reason, I was more able to utilize simple fixes like exercise to make big improvements. I'm not suggesting that's a cure at all, just saying it helped me. I'm still an under-achiever, and have basically zero ambition, but I'm not inclined to care too much about my lack of ambition.


I'm new here, I'm Carolyn, 41, newly single mom, recently re-located from Chicago, IL to Madison, Wisconsin. I like old punk rock & noise music, some newer metal, wargames, hiking & biking, and primitive skills like spinning, tracking, throwing axes. I'm a big horror movie fan, but don't get to see many movies these days because I'm home with my daughter (5) most of the time without any childcare assistance. We cook from scratch, paint, study the natural world, watch foreign films, and generally goof off.
Interesting intro.
Thanks, I'll take that as a compliment.


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