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Hi, I'm Merelen! Not my real name, but it's close enough to use here. I'm a 25 year old band director in Wisconsin, currently looking for a teaching position. My main instrument is the horn (yes, the french horn). I'm interested in a lot of things: music, reading, gaming, and more. Most recently, I've gotten into biking and have been trying to get out every day.

I have a hard time finding other atheists (or agnostics) in the Eau Claire area, so I'm glad to have found this site. :)
Hi everyone!

I'm Kristi. I'm 25 years old, never married, no kids (although I would like to have kids someday). I live in Spokane, WA and I'm currently studying to be an RN. I love to read, watch movies, and get outside to enjoy nature once in awhile. I would love to meet others (from the Spokane area, if possible), grab coffee, and just chitchat about things. I don't meet enough atheists here!

Ooh hey! I'm in Wenatchee and have family in Spokane. :-)
Hello. I frankly don't see a whole lot of point in joining or posting in this group, as nearly everyone here lives half the world away, but eh, who knows.
My name's Abe (not short for anything, just Abe. Also not pronounced as one would in English, but that's arbitrary), I have lived in the Netherlands all my life, although I've seen small parts of the world (Northern&Eastern Australia, Bali, Croatia, England, Prague/Czech Republic, Germany, Denmark, Budapest..). English is not my first language but I speak it about as well as I speak Dutch.
I'm 21 years of age, as far as religion's concerned, lucky with where I grew up, although I'm not very proud of my country. Finishing up high-school (failed maths. Twice. Fail.) and to start college in september, namely Visual Art at International Game Architecture and Design. Essentially an art education, both analogue and digital, but very industry focussed, so high job security as opposed to being doomed to live in an attic and live of painting :D

..I tend to lose track of my own stories and end up talking about something completely different from what I had intended.

I'm slender, weighing roughly 65kg/10 stone/144lbs at 1.82m/6'. Long, thick, ash blond hair (I love my hair), goatee of sorts, grey eyes (that is to say, from what I hear, my eyes colour towards blue at times, possibly when I'm happy?). I play the piano, though I'm not excellent at it. I listen to music a lot, metal in particular but in many varieties. I find it hard to listen to and enjoy simple music, with a few exceptions. Some of my favourite bands/artists include:
-The Project Hate MCMXCIX
-Karl Sanders

I'm a pseudo-geek; that is to say, I have an innate interest in science, especially particle and astro physics, I enjoy games, philosophy and I can be a real tech-nerd sometimes. Still, I'm far from the stereotype geek. Perhaps just good balance?
I don't like saying I'm particularly intelligent, but I'm said to be, and possibly more so than good for me..
Aesthetics are of high value to me. Not necessarily on my person, but in my surroundings. I cringe at modern architecture in a 100yo neighbourhood, false notes and mismatched colours. That said, I do not like Apple-design. Minimalism is not my thing.
I feel like I'm going off on a loop about arbitrary things.. Again..
I'll just stop here and if there's any questions, ask! I enjoy answering questions. :)
If even two people meet though this group, it has been worth it. If I told you that only 1 out of 3,000,000 sperm fertilize an egg, would you say that conception wasn't worth the effort?
chuckle... good one ;-)
I wouldn't say it's pointless to post here ... one never knows when or where you'll run into the right person!
It's not pointless to someone in the US, no :) I, however, reside half the world away, in the small country that's the Netherlands. There are only 4 Dutch females on the entire site (against roughly 60 males..); I really think I'll have more success at meeting someone of interest by simply taking a seat and position myself somewhere outside :p
Then again, atheists are a lot more common in these lands anyway.
You've got it made Methis. I am from a Dutch family with a history dating back to the Norman invasion. The Netherlands will still not grant my request for an application of dual-citizenship. The atheist women of Holland blow my mind, since, from what I understand, many presuppose you are not religious at all. That would be a huge advantage here in Texas.
Really now? Is at least one of your parents Dutch? It should be possible, then.. Though it could be they're easier about that towards Europeans, what with the European Union and all.. I don't know.
Yeah, that's pretty much true. I myself simply assume someone is atheist as well, without even realizing it, and I'm generally surprised if someone turns out to be xtian. But as far as that goes.. I live in a fairly large city (large by Dutch standards, that is :P there's plenty of small town communities that are very xtian..), and my social group tends to strong atheistic and anti-theistic even. I think I know only one xtian, protestant, and she's hardly religious at all beyond that she 'believes'. A lot of people are agnostic, which I personally have a little trouble with as I find it rather wishy-washy, but it certainly beats theism.
One major disadvantage about the Netherlands: Islamisation. We have a piss-weak government who's clearly more afraid of being called out as racist than of Sharia law. As a result, right-wing government is undergoing very strong growth.
Anyway, I won't go off on a loop about all that; at the end of the day, yeah, we have it pretty good here in our little country, I suppose. :)
Wow...I LOVE that dragon (I'm really into dragons...have many of them in my home...wish some were real!). I bet Morocco is amazing...and even if you don't meet a gal to date on here (I'm not quite sure I will, either...well, I mean a guy to date for me...), it's still a great place to make friends! :-)
Morocco looks pretty awesome too! Of course, the most I've seen of Oregon was along the OR/WA


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