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My name is Brooke. I am 34, single, never been married and I do not have any children. I am currently living in Greenville, SC. But have spent the last 13 years in Minneapolis, MN. I have been agnostic since I can remember and just recently determined myself to be more atheist than anything else. I am passionate about facts and finding out truths about our world and the people in it. I'd love to meet some men in the Greenville area and some female friends too. 

Wow, major shock, I imagine, going from Minneapolis to Greenville, SC.  Say hello to Bob Jones for me.  ^.^

Hello people, i'm 35yrs old from London, England.  I love music, reasoning and reality. I noticed when i had a look around there are not alot of people from my side of the water. Would like to meet new people all the same, its not where your from its where your at that matters.

hello names mike and im 23 years old. im live in madison heights michigan. im young and poor lol, originally from hamtramck. im also bi polar and welll....have never really dated before. im just looking for a sweet,nice and understanding gal. race,politics, don't matter to me,either does weight, well because i wouldn"t have room to talk :)

Howdy all! I’m Ty and I’m in Houston. My best brief run-down of me… Total extrovert and conversation junky. The only thing I love more than devouring books is seeing live music. I go to a lot of concerts (in the last two years I’ve probably seen about 60 bands). I listen to a variety of genres but I am most partial to indie rock, punk, classical, and grunge. I am a beer snob and wine geek. I like to think that I'm somewhat of a culinary adventurer. I enjoy all sorts of sports (rugby, football, tennis, and basketball are favorites) but don't follow any particular thing too closely. I love trivia like a unicorn loves pixie dust :-)

Hi everyone! I'm a recently divorced atheist; 34 years old; living in Owasso, Ok (suburb of Tulsa). I have an MA in Industrial/Organizational Psychology and work as a corporate recruiter. I grew up on a farm in SW Oklahoma, so I'm a strange mix of country girl and city girl. I like to get dirty and do outdoor activities, but I hate living in the boonies and can't stand country music.

As you might have guessed, I went for an education rather than kids. I like kids, I just never wanted any. I have 2 dogs who are my whole world: a 14 yr old Greyhound/Springer Spaniel mix and an 11 yr old Boxer.

I enjoy traveling, camping, kayaking, hiking, dancing, and reading. I like to wrestle with my dogs, so I often end up looking like a battered woman … lol. I also enjoy taking pictures, though I haven't had any formal training. I like just about all kinds of music besides country. I'm a particularly big fan of Deftones. 

At any rate, I'd love to meet some atheists of the male variety. lol. 

Greetings godless heathens... New Hampshire USA, 47 years old, looking for some new friends that don't come with magical baggage.  Music, animals, cooking, camping and hiking.

Peace to you all.  ;-)

Hi, Floyd Jack.
There seems to be little current activity on this board. Did we miss the party or something?

Hello everyone. I am 21 years old and I live in India. I just completed my Aeronautical Engineering and now going to pursue masters in that. Well, I became atheist just an year back although I always had doubts pertaining to that. My past time is writing any stuff. i just completed a short book "The Insightful Mortal" the link of which is . I have been single all along because I have never found anyone of the same mentality and intellect I wish to have in my partner

Oh hell. Not many visitors, but why not?

About 6 years an atheist before my dad put my older sister and me into a Catholic school (he didn't trust himself to raise moral kids); about 20 years a Catholic before I tossed my parents and their religion, about 52 years an agnostic before a guy dared me to leave my closet; the rest of my 83 years a way-out atheist.

Early during my agnostic years, a six-year marriage to an agnostic woman and by agreement no kids. We joined the same singles club and our dancing surprised some new friends.

I'm in Yountville California, nine miles north of Napa, and was looking at my laptop screen when at 3:20AM on August 31 a 6.0 earthquake rattled the county and emptied half of my bookshelves. The only damage was to two ceramics pieces I'd finished a week earlier.

I read, write, do lightweight politics, chat about lots of stuff, and occasionally go to The City (SF).

RSVP. (Don't know French but I'm studying Spanish.)

Well, I guess I might as well join the gang. I live in San Diego, California, but have been all over the place: Chicago, Berkeley, North Carolina, Colorado. I was married for a while in NC, but when I came clean about being an atheist (I had been teeter-tottering on the fence for a while), my marriage went down the drain and my ex-wife ended up in a psychiatric ward (no joke; she had bipolar disorder). I was dating a wonderful woman for a while recently, but friends started asking me when we were going to get married. Even though she was accepting of my atheism, I was never quite comfortable with seeing Bible quotes on her wall, and I realized that if we got married, I would have to live with that kind of stuff—so I broke it off. I'm sure her (very religious) parents were relieved. :-)

I've tried dating websites, but as soon as someone (atheist or not) finds out that I am deaf, I never hear back. I'm going to make more of an effort to get out and meet other atheists in my area, just so I can expand my social circle—not necessarily for dating, but so I can perhaps find a few people who share some interests (cycling, golf, dogs, and books) and who won't look at me with that pitying expression—most of us know it well—when I tell them that I am an atheist. 

... and who won't look at me with that pitying expression—most of us know it well—when I tell them that I am an atheist.

Awwwwww, and he seemed so nice.  I wonder what happened?


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