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Howdy, I'm Scott. I live in Snellville, GA (not far from you, Heather!) I am 42 years old, and teach theater at Emory University. I have two dogs. I've been married twice, and have one 12 year old son (lives most of the year with his mom). I am an anti-theist (I espouse the removal of all religions from the planet) and have vacillated between being mildly religious in my earlier life to my now hardcore self.
I may need your theater expertise this semester. I can't act my way out of a paper sack!
High-five to the removal of al religions from the planet. I too consider myself an anti-theist.
I too yearn for the day when we can remove the mind virus that is religion from this planet.
I am a life long atheist and am pleased to meet all of you
Hi everyone.
This introduction is somewhat overdue so here goes...
I am 36, male, single. I live on Madeira Island, a (very religious) Portuguese Archipelago in the Atlantic Ocean.
My primary interests are (in no particular order): historical fiction, general non fiction, documentaries, martial arts.
On my profile:
I use the nickname "gematriot" because any meaning which we can derive from the must result from a reflection upon that which is unapparent; but inquirey must begin with what is apparent.
On the "stop following me": It is a comment on the fact that people are categorically human. Creationists need to accept this; "Uber Darwinists" need to remember that it is less important where we came from, as compared to where we are and where we are going.
What I want:
Intelligent conversation, a "little bit of that human touch" and the chance to better the world by making people smile.

Hi all! And thanks to Heather for starting this group. I'm originally from south Florida (hey, two UCF grads here... what are the chances?) and now live in northeast Atlanta (just a few miles OTP). I'm 42, never married, no kids, two horribly spoiled kittens, family spread out from West Palm Beach to Seattle. I tend to be drawn to interests that have an artistic and a technical component, such as photography and car restoration. I'm also a self-professed geek and would rather spend time on the computer or advancing a personal project than watching TV. Mostly, I'm looking to meet like-minded people in a part of the country not exactly known as the free-thinking capital of the world. What that I could enjoy a warm beverage with someone without wondering how she was going to react to my beliefs.

The Crazy Independent

Hey wow, UCF grad and Atlanta resident, what are the chances! What is OTP?
OTP = Outside The Perimeter, as opposed to ITP. I've also heard people inside the 285 loop referred to as "innies" and the rest of us as "outies." Brings up mental images of lint, though. Ew.
Are you a small engine pilot as well?
Hey everyone my names Matt Im 24, I skateboard and work on cars for fun. Anyone in the tampa, FL area want to meet up and have a drink or a coffee or something dont be bashful, send a message.
Hey! I'm in the Tampa area.


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