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What are the odds that a sweet, intelligent and articulate woman reads really bad books?

Is she reading them ironically?

Personally, I enjoy Twilight as a display of the horrifying social norms within the Mormon Church.  The bit about adult werewolves (who are all male) finding their 'soul-mate' when she's 1 or 2 years old, then grooming her into the perfect mate as she grows up ...


Well, it's really, really fucking creepy, and it's good to see Mormons displaying that sort of thing to the public.  Maybe if the public was more aware of that sort of thing, as a counterpoint to the recent Mormon propaganda ads, they would wise up about the Mormon Church.  The FLDS Church is an extreme version of the official Mormon Church, but the mainstream Mormon Church is freaking psycho, too.


As for the Bible ... know thine enemy.  I've read it cover-to-cover.


Besides, I like a devious twist in my sweet, intelligent, articulate women.

Joseph is right, 6'1" isn't all that tall anymore, it's pretty average actually. (but maybe this is because out of my 4 closest friends- 2 are girls and are 5'8 and 5'10. 2 are guys and stand at 6'5, and 6'5 1/2.

Well, 6'5" is WAY the hell above average.  I think the average height for men is 5'8" or 5'9", but that's including Asian and Latino men, who are well below that, on average.  Average for white males is probably 5'10" or 5'11".


How tall are you anyway, Laura?

I'm right around 5'7" (way taller than I expected to be, my mother was 4'11")

Cool, good stopping point.  Once a girl hits 5'10" or so, it starts making snuggling difficult.  Puts her head up too high when she's sitting in my lap.  Not that I'd discriminate against a girl that tall, if I liked her, but we're talking pure, arbitrary preferences here.
I can see what you're saying. It's not that it actually something to judge a person on, but a nice attribute if they meet the criteria. I have a preference for darker hair over blonde or red. *shrug*, doesn't mean I'd discriminate against the others.

It should be enough that the books are bad...they are, but the greater problem is that this entire youth culture seems to be turning to things that are nothing but vapid, boring and tedious.


They don't read literature, they read fiction that's little better than dime store novels.  People wonder why movies and music are so mindless, but they don't take responsibliity for their own culture.  They only find solace in things that can entertain them for seconds at a time, then they forget about seconds later.


Teens today are the perfect culture to adopt facebook.  They want others to disect every tiny, meaningless second of their lives, until we can no longer tell the difference between things that are meaningful and meaningless.

Actually, as I mentioned when I posted the picture...


I am the one on the right, in the brown jacket. I am holding a Beatles hat. If you go back and read the post... I also mention my height, eye and hair color in it. lol.


I have absolutely nothing to complain about as far as you asking goes. I was just giving advice since you claim to be as socially awkward as I often find myself to be. Sometimes, I am absolutely clueless when it comes to dating, and life in general.

Oh, and I meant to comment, when you posted the picture, but I seem to have completely zoned out and missed doing that.


You're really not particularly overweight, unless someone is demanding a swizzle stick, in a date.  You'd almost be better off getting over your insecurity and always posting full-body pictures.  Your face is a bit fuller than average (wow, major cheekbones), which many people will think is because you're overweight, but then we see the rest of your body, and it's a big surprise, because you're a lot slimmer than we'd imagined.

I can see what you mean, after Michael's post... I started thinking about why most women don't seem to post full-body pictures, and I do think it's typically an insecurity. But for me, at the time I really didn't think about it. I figured, I had a picture with make-up as my profile picture, so one without would be nice.


Maybe it was self-conscious insecurity, because I am a bit hard on myself. I feel you should always strive to be a to be a better you. (if that makes any sense whatsoever lol)


But thank you :)

Yeah, I can sort of see the variety thing going, with your profile pictures.  Some very nice ones in there.


I know what you mean about self-betterment.  If I didn't engage in a good bit of self-abuse, I'd never get anything done.

Then could you just be honest and mention your exact weight in your profile so I won't have to ask?

And we've already been over that, too.  Our society finds that question insulting.

I don't see how it can be insulting if a woman just voluntary gave her weight without being prompted or reminded to say it.  Yeah, I know no women does, althogh I've been on dating websites that have a drop down box where you can click on your approximate weight, assuming you don't lie.  What if I didn't give my height and a woman meets me in person and is surprised because she expected someone who is taller or more robust looking?  ANd why are women allowed to not like me because I'm only 5ft 3in but I'm supposed to remain silent about how fat she is? 


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