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Hey guys.

I probably shouldn't put this off anymore, so I'm just going to jump on it and improvise. I'm pretty sure the show is over. It was a ton of fun doing it, but with work and my son and my wife in school I simply don't have time to do it anymore.

Other folks have offered to take over but I don't really feel comfortable with that. Quit while you're ahead, sez I.

Anyhow, I payed for another year of hosting, so the archive of podcasts will be available for at least that long.

I really enjoyed podcasting, so I might do something again in the future. I'll keep you posted.

Thanks guys and gals! It was AMAZING.



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Rep. (R) Louie Gohmert Proves God's Existence With One Simple Equation and Explains Why Atheists are Intellectually Inferior

Started by Joe. Last reply by Loren Miller 10 hours ago. 12 Replies

Mocking non-believers for failing to grasp the logic behind the existence of God, Rep. Louie Gohmert (R-Texas) cited an exchange with the late Texas entertainer Bob Murphey to disprove atheism during…Continue

In the Middle East, Some Atheists Fake-Fast During Ramadan To Avoid Detection

Started by Joe. Last reply by Sentient Biped yesterday. 3 Replies

According to a report at Vocativ by Inna Lazareva and Noam Binshtok, some Atheists are even fasting during Ramadan just so no one will catch on.…Continue

Atheist TV Channel Will Launch by the End of the Month

Started by Joe. Last reply by Pat yesterday. 5 Replies

After first mentioning the idea this past spring, American Atheists has announced that a TV channel dedicated to Atheist programming will launch on July 29th.…Continue

Colorado House Candidate: If Atheists Undergo Exorcisms, They’ll Be Fine with Graduation Ceremonies in Church

Started by Joe. Last reply by Pat on Wednesday. 8 Replies

A news story that is comical and scary at the same time. He could get elected.…Continue

Public Official: I Would Go to Jail over Jesus' Name

Started by Joe. Last reply by Joseph P on Wednesday. 5 Replies

Frazier made waves when she defied U.S. District Judge William D. Quarles' order that banned the Board of Carrol County Commissioners from opening meetings with prayers to Jesus, which they had done…Continue

There are states where you technically can’t hold public office if you’re an Atheist

Started by Joe. Last reply by James M. Martin on Wednesday. 7 Replies

Eight state constitutions include restrictions on people who don’t believe in a supreme being. In Arkansas, denying the existence of God means you can’t hold civil office or testify in court, while…Continue

How religious are your neighbours? New interactive map of Britain can tell you…

Started by Joe on Monday. 0 Replies

The map, called DataShine was created by Oliver O’Brien at UCL’s Centre for Advanced Spatial Analysis and shows, among other things, the atheist hot-spots around the UK.…Continue

14 More Companies That Likely Will Deny Employees Birth Control

Started by Joe. Last reply by Joseph P Jul 5. 7 Replies

Monday's Supreme Court decision likely frees them to deny contraception coverage to their employees if they have religious objections.…Continue

Atheist in Nigeria forced to spend 18 days in a psychiatric ward was freed on Tuesday

Started by Joe. Last reply by Plinius Jul 5. 2 Replies

Mr Bala was freed on Tuesday following a strike at the hospital which also saw a number of other patients discharged.…Continue

Map: Publicly Funded Schools That Are Allowed to Teach Creationism.

Started by Joe. Last reply by Ruth Anthony-Gardner Jul 4. 2 Replies

Thousands of schools in states across the country can use taxpayer money to cast doubt on basic science.…Continue

Supreme Court Grants Evangelical College Plea On Contraception Rule

Started by Joe Jul 4. 0 Replies

A divided Supreme Court on Thursday allowed, at least for now, an evangelical college in Illinois that objects to paying for contraceptives in its health plan to avoid filling out a government…Continue

Texas Atheists Demand Right To Deliver Invocations At Government Meetings

Started by Joe. Last reply by Pat Jul 3. 3 Replies

The city of Rowlett’s current policy…Continue

Port Authority of Allegheny County Owes Atheist Groups $60,000 in Settlement After Rejecting Its Bus Ads

Started by Joe Jul 3. 0 Replies

What made the Atheists’ case especially compelling was that the Port Authority rejected the message saying that “noncommercial ads” were not allowed… even though they ran such ads from plenty of…Continue

Mississippi's Religious Freedom Restoration Act goes into effect, sparking protests

Started by Joe. Last reply by Pat Jul 3. 6 Replies

The law says the government cannot put a substantial burden on religious practices and added “in God we trust” to the state seal.…Continue

Supreme Court will not intervene in fight over San Diego’s Mount Soledad cross

Started by Joe. Last reply by John Jubinsky Jul 3. 2 Replies

The U.S. Supreme Court has for the second time declined to take up the question of whether the cross atop a San Diego war memorial constitutes an illegal endorsement of religion by the federal…Continue

Supreme Court Rules In Hobby Lobby Case, Delivering Blow To Birth Control Coverage

Started by Joe. Last reply by Luara Jul 1. 5 Replies

Hobby Lobby, a Christian-owned craft supply chain store, and Conestoga Wood Specialties Store, a Pennsylvania wood manufacturer owned by a family of Mennonites, challenged the contraception mandate…Continue

England scraps compulsory Christian assemblies in schools because they are 'meaningless' in 21st Century, say governors.

Started by Joe. Last reply by Ruth Anthony-Gardner Jun 30. 2 Replies

The move was welcomed by the British Humanist Association, whose leaders include the Atheist science Professor Richard Dawkins, and the philosopher AC Grayling. …Continue

Judge Rules Against Public High School Teacher Who Was Promoting Christianity in the Classroom

Started by Joe. Last reply by Warren Jappe Jun 28. 1 Reply

The lawsuit was prompted by a student’s complaint to the Freedom From Religion Foundation.…Continue

Navy Chaplains Obstruct Religious Liberty

Started by Joe. Last reply by Loren Miller Jun 25. 1 Reply

Just last month, the Navy Chief of Chaplains rejected the application of Jason Heap, a highly qualified chaplain candidate who would have been the first Humanist military chaplain.…Continue

Atheists, the “Ultimate Other” in Turkey

Started by Joe Jun 24. 0 Replies

Atheism Association gives support to non-believers in Turkey. A survey in the article finds that Atheist are preferred as neighbors over people who drink alcohol, or couples who are unmarried. …Continue

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Comment by TNT666 on May 26, 2010 at 9:37pm
Aw dang, I never knew Prince was a witness, we have celebrtity atheist lists, do we also have celebrity religion lists?

Prince: I am a Jehovah's Witness
Comment by TNT666 on May 21, 2010 at 4:35am
Nice choice of words Amy. Interesting
Comment by Nikki Chaffin on May 18, 2010 at 9:01pm
Yes Rob, typical JW. They're the most lost of them all I think. Probably because there is no leniency, there's a constant indoctrination process going on not to succumb to the evil's of "worldly" people. There's so many hours a week spent in meetings and such, they can't associate with anyone outside of their religion unless they're in service. The blood thing is a big deal and one they don't deviate from. It's sad, no more sad I suppose than what goes on in other extreme reliigions. I think what makes JW's different, scarier, is that if you are a person who believes god exists and that the bible is the word of god, then it's much easier to succumb to the rest that follows with them, because the bible is taken so literally, piece by piece. If you know better though, you're safe, even though they're very trained in all the talking points for the door to door service. So glad I'm not on that side anymore.
And yes I fully agree with your comments of earthquakes and suffering. I pondered it a lot a few years ago, how people can claim that Oh god has a plan or whatever nonsense, when one person survives or many die. I don't think had I not gone through such an intense ordeal of suffering would I have ever arrived where I'm at now. It's the only good thing that came out of it.
Comment by Rob N on May 18, 2010 at 6:19pm
Wow, some really moving posts guys, Amy thanks for the considered response. Nikki, welcome to the group, I'm sorry to hear about your accident but glad you seem to have come through it stronger.

Amy, I know what you mean that you "WANT to see things as they REALLY are, not as I want them to be."

I think that's something all Atheists have in common, I agree that the best way to make people question their faith is to be a good person and an Atheist; two things which aren't supposed to go together. I find humanism gives me more of a moral direction, and also tells a person more about my life-stance; saying you're Atheist is fine, it says you don't believe in any god, but to say you're a Humanist says more, it says we don't need gods because there is majesty and beauty in humanity, we can take credit for the amazing things we've done; and keep striving to do more. We know what is right/wrong, moral/immoral, and we don't need scripture to dictate it to us, we can work it out for ourselves.

Nikki mentioned earthquakes, it always annoys me that if a child is pulled from the wreckage after two days, it is called a 'miracle', and god is thanked. Why are people thanking him for saving one when he's killed hundreds? Why not thank the rescue worker or whoever pulled the poor thing from the rubble? Whose determination when others had given up, paid off. To thank god for everything, and not ourselves is infantile.

Nikki, a Jehovah's Witness died in my city this week, he was 16 and was hit by a car, he refused a blood transfusion due to his religion; he had been canvassing at the time to spread god's word. Of course it makes no sense to us because 'The lord works in mysterious ways.'
Comment by Amy on May 18, 2010 at 4:12pm
Back to Rob's question of how to talk to an indoctrinated person without arguing.... I don't think there's any good textbook approach out there. Every situation is different, and there's no way to predict what (or who) will have an impact on a person. I have some Christian friends who I'm not even going to bother discussing anything with...there's no point. I don't think they're open to hearing about it, and I don't want to waste my energy and get frustrated (and misunderstood!) if I don't have to. On the other hand, I have a Christian co-worker who I've shared my story with (a former pastor, no less). He seemed genuinely interested, and believe me, if someone wants to hear about it... I'll tell them :)

So... I bring things up now and then, here and there...always watching to see if anyone seems open to a future conversation. I try to be sensitive to the Christian's response (including their body language), and don't push it beyond their comfort zone. Some people wouldn't "get it" if you banged them over the head with it...they're just not ready. The best way to effect those people is to be a good person, and love others. A non-believer being a good person is a walking contradiction to scripture :D

Trust the process. "When the student is ready, the teacher appears."
Comment by Nikki Chaffin on May 18, 2010 at 3:23pm
Thank you Joan, I'm as recovered as I'm ever going to be which is not fully, but it's not where I was. My neck was crushed and rebuilt with cadavor vertebrae, my face was crushed and rebuilt...amongst a slew of other things. I take it day by day.
It is interesting how once we see how the rest of the world and cultures behave and all the different religions, how simple it is to see the obvious. That was also part of my epiphany. Months on the couch laid up watching news, watching people blow themselves up on the other side of the world in the name of their god. Thinking of all the cultures and societies that have come and gone over thousands and thousands of years and how they each had a god of some kind that was "the only one". People walking in blind faith, simply because they are a product of their environment. If I'd been born in another time, another land, who knows what kind of veil I'd be living under, what kind of lie I'd be living. That for me is the hardest part of this realization, of being here now as an atheist, that so many are living this one life that they have in a complete utter lie, and then they die. And what was it all for? It's sad. It's why I'm so glad to have found this site, to know that there are people who don't live that lie, I'm not the only person who seems to know the truth, it's heartening.
Comment by Nikki Chaffin on May 18, 2010 at 3:11pm
That is interesting, the arrival at the title of Atheist. I think I only firmly arrived at it myself yesterday when I found this website. When I found myself attaching the badge to my Facebook profile. I've never called myself an atheist for I guess the same reason as your uncle, rather a non believer, free thinker, etc. But it's all the same, and I guess I realized that when I got here and read "A community of non-theists." Well, that's me, a nontheist, thus an Atheist. It seemed easy. I wondered how many people I'll lose from my friends list for having done this, but then didn't care. It's important to be true to me, not them. And since ultimately I can't have respect for the people who live in that bubble of "god", I guess it just dont matter. I need to surround myself with people I can respect or at least can enter a friendship with that part not having already been removed. :)
Comment by Joan Denoo on May 18, 2010 at 1:49pm
Nikki, I am so very sorry to learn of your tragic car accident and your profound injuries. I hope you fully recovered. My tradition was Methodist and Presbyterian, but the bindings were awful. It was while doing research in China and talking to women whose feet had been bound that I realized footbinding and mindbinding coexist. An old Chinese woman told me she had endured an assault on her physical body when she was four years old and her feet were bound. The really difficult assault was the mental binding of her mind.
Comment by Joan Denoo on May 18, 2010 at 1:44pm
Amy, your story is very much my story. Abusive, controlling husband that I could not change, a culture that encouraged me to endure and in fact, praised me for enduring. "Live your life as a sacrifice, even as Jesus gave his life." The promises of "fruits of the spirit" just were not to be for me and when I asked for help from my family and community, I was soundly admonished to submit ... god would provide the strength, I just had to submit.

Joyfully, those days are over.
Comment by Amy on May 18, 2010 at 1:17pm
I think it's futile to argue with someone in an attempt to change their thinking. When someone's beliefs are threatened, they usually respond defensively. They don't even "hear" what the opposition is telling them, they're too busy mentally defending themselves to listen.

If someone wants to engage in thoughtful discussion, however, it's a different matter. I have an uncle who made an effort to build a relationship with me, and over a period of several years we grew close. Religion was never brought up, until I asked him to be a witness for my annulment. It was only then that I learned he was agnostic. By that time, there was a level of trust between us, and I felt safe to open up to him. He gently challenged me, but never passed judgment. I knew he would love me whether I was religious, or not. This was a rarity for me....I was used to judgment (conditional love) from my christian friends and family. He validated me as a person, and by doing so, enabled me to communicate honestly. I finally had a safe place to process my thoughts.

This story has an ironic forward to last month, and I'm now a strong atheist. My uncle and I had a discussion in which I challenged him regarding his outdated definition of "atheist". Historically, he's rejected identifying himself by the title, believing it meant one claimed absolute authority to know with certainty that there is no god. Therefore, he always identified himself as agnostic. We went round and round about it, and I respectfully stood my ground in disagreement with his understanding of the term. Well, he called me a couple of days later and told me he thought about our conversation, looked it up in the dictionary, and now calls himself an atheist. I felt a personal victory for promoting the 'cause'... and it just goes to show what's possible when people engage in respectful dialog. Arguing with him wouldn't have gotten either one of us anywhere.

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