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Hey guys.

I probably shouldn't put this off anymore, so I'm just going to jump on it and improvise. I'm pretty sure the show is over. It was a ton of fun doing it, but with work and my son and my wife in school I simply don't have time to do it anymore.

Other folks have offered to take over but I don't really feel comfortable with that. Quit while you're ahead, sez I.

Anyhow, I payed for another year of hosting, so the archive of podcasts will be available for at least that long.

I really enjoyed podcasting, so I might do something again in the future. I'll keep you posted.

Thanks guys and gals! It was AMAZING.



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Pope Francis asks forgiveness for priests who sexually abused children (CNN)

Started by Loren Miller. Last reply by Joan Denoo on Monday. 26 Replies

Pope Francis made his strongest condemnation yet of sexual abuse by Catholic clergy on Friday, asking for forgiveness and pledging to impose penalties on "men of the church" who harm children."I feel…Continue

Tags: forgiveness, child abuse, Pope Francis

Celebrity Snake Handling Pastor Dies from Snakebite

Started by John Jubinsky. Last reply by ɟǝןıx dǝʇɹɐɹ Feb 19. 3 Replies

Jamie Coots who was starring in the reality show, Snake Salvation, died as the result being bitten by a snake he was handling. He was trying to prove that his faith would protect him. Is the…Continue

Tags: Religious Snake Handling, Jamie Coots, Jubinsky

UN Report Vehemently Attacks Vatican Handling of Child Molestation

Started by John Jubinsky. Last reply by Joan Denoo Feb 7. 10 Replies

The United Nations has released a report that severely criticizes the way the Catholic Church has handled sexual abuse of children by its clergy. Per the article:  In an unprecedented report, a…Continue

Tags: UN, United Nations, Vatican, Sexual Abuse, Jubinsky

Chicago Archdiocese Hid Decades of Child Abuse

Started by John Jubinsky. Last reply by John Jubinsky Jan 21. 2 Replies

The Chicago archdiocese of the Catholic Church released documents today revealing that it had hidden decades of sexual molestation of children by priests. The documents were only released in order to…Continue

Tags: Catholic Church, Child Molestation, Chicago Archdiocese, Jubinsky

Spartanburg Soup Kitchen sends Atheist Volunteers packing

Started by Joe Tomberlin. Last reply by matt warren Jan 21. 7 Replies

They don't think we exist in foxholes, and they want to make sure we don't in a few others.Here is the discussion from The Young Turks - …Continue

A Christian Communion - Of Sorts

Started by Pat. Last reply by T Andrew Klatt Jan 20. 4 Replies

One of the hallmarks of Christian worship is communion. Where the adherent commits ritualized, or if a Catholic, real cannibalism of the body of the late and not so great JC.Well, from the wonderful…Continue

UN Grills Vatican on Child Absuse

Started by John Jubinsky Jan 16. 0 Replies

The United Nations questioned Vatican officials on Thursday about the appropriateness of the way that child abuse by priests was handled by the Church when it became known to higher Church officials.…Continue

Tags: United Nations, Vatican, UN, Jubinsky, Child Abuse

Pope Francis calls for power to move away from Vatican (BBC News)

Started by Loren Miller. Last reply by Napoleon Bonaparte Nov 30, 2013. 6 Replies

Pope Francis has called for power in the Catholic Church to be devolved away from the Vatican, in the first major work he has written in the role. In…Continue

Tags: Vatican, women, Pope Francis

Pope Francis' latest surprise: a survey on the modern family (World News via NBC News)

Started by Loren Miller Nov 11, 2013. 0 Replies

Pope Francis is shaking things up again.The pontiff with a penchant for surprises is making new waves by launching a survey of his flock on issues facing modern families — from gay marriage to…Continue

Tags: survey, Pope Francis

Teaching in a Religious World - by Tori Parker

Started by Tori Parker. Last reply by Craigart14 Nov 9, 2013. 8 Replies

This is my weekly writing at about life as an atheist teacher. I'd love your support -- you can never have too  many awesome atheists reading your work ;)…Continue

'Under God' part of Pledge of Allegiance under review in Massachusetts (CNN)

Started by Loren Miller. Last reply by Pat Sep 4, 2013. 11 Replies

The Pledge of Allegiance is recited in classrooms across the country every morning -- and because of the words "under God," it is heard in courtrooms across the country seemingly just as often these…Continue

Tags: under god, Pledge of Allegiance, Massachusetts

Pa. governor's attorneys: Gays, like children, can't marry (

Started by Loren Miller. Last reply by Sentient Biped Sep 1, 2013. 7 Replies

HARRISBURG, Pa. -  Marriage licenses given to same-sex couples in the state are invalid because the couples were barred from marrying, just like 12-year-olds, Republican Gov. Tom Corbett's attorneys…Continue

Tags: D. Bruce Hanes, Tom Corbett, gay marriage, Pennsylvania

New Jersey rejects 'ATHEIST' vanity plate for being offensive (Auto Blog)

Started by Loren Miller. Last reply by Idaho Spud Aug 28, 2013. 8 Replies

Every state has different rules governing what can and can't be displayed on vanity license plates. Not only do they vary, but many are vague about what combinations of letters and/or numbers are…Continue

Tags: New Jersey, David Silverman

Judge Bars Oklahoma From Implementing Anti-Sharia Law (HuffPost)

Started by Loren Miller. Last reply by Humble Pie Aug 18, 2013. 5 Replies

Aug 16 (Reuters) - Oklahoma's attorney general said on Friday he was reviewing the decision of a U.S. judge that barred the state from adopting a measure that would ban its state courts from…Continue

Tags: Oklahoma, sharia

Mother Teresa Humanitarian Image A 'Myth,' New Study Says (HuffPost)

Started by Loren Miller. Last reply by Ruth Anthony-Gardner Aug 12, 2013. 30 Replies

A new study by Canadian academics says Mother Teresa was a product of hype who housed the poor and sick in shoddy conditions, despite her access to a fortune.The Times of India, reporting on the…Continue

Tags: University of Ottawa, University of Montreal, Christopher Hitchens, The Missionary Position, fraud

15 things everyone would know if there were a liberal media (Daily Kos)

Started by Loren Miller. Last reply by Humble Pie Aug 10, 2013. 3 Replies

Daily Kos contributor akadjian has written a brilliant piece, citing a number of stories which have gotten varying degrees of…Continue

Tags: liberal media

The Atheist Academic V: Change a Few Words?

Started by Tori Parker Jul 13, 2013. 0 Replies

Why is it okay to discriminate against atheists? I open up a discussion...…Continue

Vatican Monsignor Accused of Taking 600 Thousand Euros and Ilegally Attempting to Move 20 Million More

Started by John Jubinsky. Last reply by Joseph P Jul 6, 2013. 5 Replies

A monsignor working as an accountant for the Vatican has been accused of taking 600,000 Euros from a Vatican bank and attempting to illegally move (possibly with the intent to steal) 20,000,000 more.…Continue

Tags: Money Laundering, Vatican, Jubinsky

My new article: How to tell if there's a church/state violation in schools...

Started by Tori Parker Jun 22, 2013. 0 Replies

Read and comment, if you would! :)…Continue

Vatican Corrects Pope - Says Atheists and Other non-Catholics Going to Hell

Started by John Jubinsky. Last reply by Loren Miller May 31, 2013. 6 Replies

On May 22, 2013 Pope Francis held a Mass in which he said that even Atheists who do good could be saved. The infallible one was soon corrected by the Vatican to the point that Atheists and other…Continue

Tags: Vatican Corrects Pope, Jubinsky

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Comment by Ian Mason on July 23, 2011 at 11:19am
Death toll on Utøya now set at 85, in Oslo 7. The killer is now said to be a supporter of the (respectable) nationalist Fremskritts Parti and a farmer who recently ordered 3 tons of fertilizer. Fremskritts Parti have problems enough already as one of the leadership is up on charges for doing things with pubescent boys. A mad world, sometimes.
Comment by RustyBertrand on July 23, 2011 at 11:16am
Anders-Breivik Manifesto, not so nice (PDF)
Comment by Joseph P on July 23, 2011 at 10:17am

Great insights, Sassan.  I always love hearing from people who came to rationality from a different background.


ɟǝןıx, it takes on a slightly different tone when it's atheists arguing about Christianity and Islam.  It becomes a sort of reverse one-upsmanship, as each person vies for the status of having gone apostate from the more fucked up religion.  It's a perverse point of pride for lots of atheists.

Comment by Susan Stanko on July 23, 2011 at 9:52am

He goes on:


I kept seeing that on internation media, but not Norwegian ones. However, I have some information now: He is a conservative christian who thinks that the modern Norwegian protestant church is a joke. In elections for local church counsils he always voted for the conservative candidates. I don't think fundamentalist is a correct description.

He had a raging hate for the left wing, regarding the socialist youth organisation and the anti-racism organisation as violent and suppressive of conservatives. (In fact they are active and insistent, but hardly aggressively violent.) The benign social-democrat youth organisation AUF that he tried to exterminate consists of nice, socially aware teenagers whose goal is to make society better for everybody. He refers to them as "Stoltenberg-Jugend". The people he shot at Utøya were between 14 and 19 years old.

Some years ago he was a member of the youth organisation of the far right party Fremskrittspartiet ("the Party for Progress", in the opinion of many a very ironic name) and later a member of the party itself, but he was not very active. Siv Jensen, the leader of that party said today that "Today we are all AUFers" allying with his victims, and rejects completely all that Breivik stands for. She felt very uncomfortable that he had been a member.

He was also a freemason, and his lodge is now looking into how the hell this man ever became a member.

He was a passionate (messianic?) far right political activist with a lot of lofty ideas about new conservative magasines etc, but people avoided him more and more as his plans were often "too good to be true". His first Facebook account was shut down because of offensive/racist content.

Comment by Candy Cooper on July 23, 2011 at 9:35am
Wasn't the bombing in OK city and the Uni Bomber's work for the same reasons? Nationalism and racism? This sort of thing isn't isolated to Europe, we have plenty of the same nuts right here.
Comment by Susan Stanko on July 23, 2011 at 9:15am

A friend just posted this about him.

The killer is the ethnic Norwegian Anders Behring Breivik (32 years old) from Hoff in western Oslo. Typical sheltered west end kid with background from economic highschool. In his late 20s he became more conservative, rabidly islamophobic and hostile to a multicultural society, something he has never experienced himself. He has called himself "nationalistic". Short story: he developed into a nazi. That he hated Brundtland is just confirmed. He called her "landsmorderen" (the murderer of the country), a wordplay on "landsmoderen" (the mother of the contry) which she is often called.

Two years ago he started a company with the goal of growing vegetables, something that gave hin easy access to fertiliser, the main component of the bombs. Looks like he hasn't had much income the last years, but he wasn't poor.

Comment by ɟǝןıx dǝʇɹɐɹ on July 23, 2011 at 9:11am
now the rivalry between Christianity and Islam evolved to rivalry between Atheists on the side of Christianity and Atheists on the side of Islam... I thought you are outside religion so please don't let yourselves worked up by it, OK?
Comment by Ian Mason on July 23, 2011 at 6:17am

Silly arguement. Religous violence/cruelty increases in proportion to the amount of power religion has in society. In more secular societies religion is forced into humility and non-violence. When the church had power in Europe we had the Inquisition. When the Reformation came, persecution of "heresy" and religious wars. Now there's a theocracy in Iran for example, there's oppression there. As the U.S. becomes slightly more secular, various groups fight like cornered rats.


Simple, innit?

Comment by Sassan K. on July 23, 2011 at 2:13am

To add: to say that Muslims have less blood on their hands than Christianity is quite comical and lacks perspective. Islam from its very beginning was a genocidal religion that fought by the sword and forced people by massacring entire villages (except maybe keeping the best virgin girls) to become Muslim or become extinct. In addition, you judge a people by how they have progressed and modernized. For example, Iran of 2500+ years ago had a great civilization in which the first human rights charter was established and it is quite disheartening than Iran of that period had much more human rights than Iran of today. 40+ years ago we had segregation, now we have a black President. The west has secularized and advanced science, technology, and the plight of the human race. If it wasn't for the west - we wouldn't have all the great thinkers who have pushed us forward with their minds and innovations.

When individual Christians resort to the rare abortion bombing or killing an abortion doctor - they are shunned by other Christians in the community. They are not glorified and given high status or considered martyrs when they are executed. In fact - they go to jail for life or face execution (although I am against the death penalty). Individual acts do not constitute what Islamic terrorism is - acts on a global scale by terrorists and the organizations they are a part of.

And when bibles are burned or people make fun of Jesus - their feelings might be hurt but they don't go cut heads off or resort to terror.

Case in point: Woman Destroys Controversial Jesus Art in Colorado and she is the one arrested and the exhibit of gay Jesus was repaired and went back on in display. A Pastor in Florida threatens to burn a quran, heads are being cut off at the United Nations in Afghanistan. Cartoons are drawn - Muslims act like savages. Imagine instead of a gay Jesus exhibit it was a gay Muhammad exhibit....what do you think the result would have been??

Comment by Sassan K. on July 23, 2011 at 1:56am

Every gay person attacked and killed is the result of Christian fundamentalism.

Killing Bin Laden is Christian fundamentalism.

I'm sorry but making such statements is not only irresponsible - it makes you lose any credibility you may have had when speaking to rational people who are knowledgeable on this subject.

Briefly to my background - I was "born" a Muslim and have studied Islamic theology to a good degree and have lived significant portions (as of just a few months ago I spent approximately 9-months in Iran) inside of an Islamic theocracy. In addition, I have read the quran and bible - and studied the hadith and discussed the core of Islamic belief with theologians and the likes when I was in Iran. When these hardcore Muslims say "we love death more than you love life" they mean it. And they want to bring an end to the world in which you and I would be the first people executed as atheists.

As for homosexuals - it is in fact the law that homosexuals are executed in Islamic countries run by Shariah law (which is demanded by the quran and the hadith). Therefore - today we debate about the issue of gay marriage - in Islamic countries such as Iran - gays who are themselves and out of the closet are eligible for a nice hanging but before that - some complimentary floggings and torture.

And getting rid of Bin Laden has nothing to do "with Christianity". As an atheist and someone who values western culture - and someone who understands the threats we face by Islamic fascists - I understood the imperative on not only operational aspects but psychological aspects in ruining the morale of Al Qaeda - the extermination of Bin Laden was necessary and just. Oh yeah - he was involved in a little something in which he attacked America and killed over 3000 civilians.

And to others - please know when I speak on Islam and the barbaric nature of Islam compared to Christianity - I still consider all religions inherently at their root evil - but one has been able to for the most part secularize and modernize and one is stuck in the dark ages. I speak as someone who is both Iranian and American - born in Tehran, came to the U.S. when I was young (3) but has spent considerable amounts of time while older in Iran. I bring a unique perspective to this issue - and there is absolutely no doubt that Christianity has nothing on Islam when it comes to primitiveness, oppression, and terror. After all, Islamic terrorist attacks happen routinely and are basically intertwined with their religious ideals of jihad and war.

Not all Muslims are bad people - but that is simply because they don't take their religion seriously in the way they are required to do under Islam. In fact - devout Muslims would consider these people apostates.


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