I don't particularly like Meg Whitman, or Republicans in general, but I have to give her credit for this. She turned down a chance to speak with a key constituency in California--Latino and African American voters--which was sponsored by a religious group. The event, called the California Gubernatorial Faith Forum, is scheduled to take place at the San Francisco Christian Center. It is not a discussion between candidates, but rather a chance for them to answer questions about how their faiths affected their lives. In other words, it is a chance for them to show off how religious they are in order to win votes.

Jerry Brown, who once identified as a Buddhist, will be appearing. Then again, he also spent some time in India working for Mother Theresa.

The sad thing is that people feel they should get votes, not because of their policies but because of their faith. So much for separation of Church and State.

More on the story can be found here.

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It is beguiling that the United States - the first secular nation in modern history - candidates need to show off their religiosity in order to be considered even a viable candidate.
I think it is atrocious that anyone believes it is necessary to ask religious questions of candidates but I don't think Meg Whitman's no-show has anything to do with that. I suspect the real reason is in these lines from the article:

Ironically, Whitman is reaching out to Latinos, buying lots of ad time on Spanish language stations.

But political science Professor Henry Brady said ads are scripted. Answering questions – even from church groups – is not.

“Let's face it; campaigns use scheduling conflict as a way to excuse something that they don't want to do,” said Brady
Well, on a certain level, I can understand it. I think I'll only vote for former Coasties (USCG) that are fond of Atari computers and other alternative operating systems.
Hey - those are easier than I thought - I might just become a politician.

Q: How has faith guided your life?
A: Well, for one thing, I tend to stop at stop lights, because I have faith that there's a chance that I'll get into an accident or receive a traffic ticket.

Q: Do you believe in creationism?
A: I certainly do, the word really exists. It's right there on page 76 of my dictionary.

As far as "WTF was that about?" - I wish I knew :-/


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