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Neandertal genome has been sequenced and it appears that modern humans still carry some DNA originated from Neandertals. Neandertals and Homo sapiens probably crossbred at some point.

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Doubtful. Any story lasting 30,000+ years — particularly in an oral tradition, which is most of human history — will have gone through so much change that any historical basis that may have informed the original story will be lost. Indeed, it would be obliterated.

A just so story like the one you've presented reads more like Nexus Magazine than Atheist Nexus.
Liberal lies!!! This is all Obama's fault! We can't be monkey-men, we just can't be!
If the ancesters of Neandertal also migrated from Africa then why is there no Neandertal DNA in modern Africans and if they did not then why would the species have been similar enough to modern man to have accommodated interbreeding? It seems that there must have been an extremely early migration from Africa that we don't know about and afterward the Neandertal species substantially developed.
This was my point. The fact that Neandertal was similar enough to modern man to have interbred confirms the theory that it evolved from an early human migration from Africa rather than from an ape migration that developed into a human species outside of Africa. The migration might have been earlier than 600,000 years ago because human fossiles have been found outside of Africa that are close to two million years old.
I think I know how Galileo felt. Why does a freethinker have to wait for someone else to say it? It was not so long ago that conventional scientific theory did not have Africa as the birthplace of humans at all yet it subscribed to the theory of evolution. I'll guarantee you that the accomplished scientists of that time weren't thinking the humans emerged from fish.

Don't spin things to appear that I hold humans to have emerged anywhere except Africa. To the contrary, I in fact used the information that Neanderthal was similar enough to modern man to have interbred with it to underline the position that no evidence exists to the effect that humans emerged elsewhyere.

I think you have a bone to pick with me from a previous discussion.
Nobody suggested that apes outside of Africa developed into a human species. My point was that they did not. In that I don't believe you are stupid I have to think that you are using a big lie approach to promote your agenda. You used such an approach once before regarding me when you blatantly, relentlessly and falsely insisted that I had said reincarnation could occur. I honestly don't think you are above board. With all due respect please do not address me any more.
My point was that the ape migration theory was false and this was made very clear to you. I am not mixing you up with someone else regarding the reincarnation matter and you have to know that. Very repsectfully, please don't harass me.
rather than from an ape migration that developed into a human species outside of Africa.

I think this is the problem statement. Why did you even mention it?
I was trying to establish that Neanderthal being similar enough to modern man to have interbred with it ruled out that it could have been a derivative of an emergence of man that occurred independently from the emergence that we stem from. Forget the 'outside of Africa' terminolgy for a moment. Consider the following hypothetcal scenario within Africa:
a.) Through natural selection a species of man evolves from chimpanzees in southern Africa.
b.) Through natural selection a second species of man evolves from gorilas in central Africa.
c.) Decendants of the second species wind up as Neanderthal.
d.) Decendants of the first species wind up as modern man.
If such a thing had occurred Neanderthal would not have been similar enough to modern man to have interbred. Therefore, such a thing could not have occurred. My point simply was that the interbreeding ability substantially ruled out the possibility of more than one emergence of man. This would be especially so if the second emergence had taken place outside of Africa. From this Mr. Poland is insisting that I have said the emergence of man took polace outside of Africa and he has grossly misrepresented me in the past on other positions.
Many non-African people say that Africans are genetically inferior, but they really mean stupider.
Many of these same people say that Neanderthals were genetically inferior, but they really mean stupider.
Scientists now say that Africans are the only group of humans that do not have Neanderthal genes.
I thought I should strike while the irony is hot.

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