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Update on the Burqa ban. French MPs vote to ban Islamic full veil in public

France's lower house of parliament has overwhelmingly approved a bill that would ban wearing the Islamic full veil in public.

There were 335 votes for the bill and only one against in the 557-seat National Assembly.

It must now be ratified by the Senate in September to become law.

The ban has strong public support but critics point out that only a tiny minority of French Muslims wear the full veil.

Many of the opposition Socialists, who originally wanted the ban limited only to public buildings, abstained from voting after coming under pressure from feminist supporters of the bill.


So the socialists abstained from the vote. Not only are they misguided, but they're misguided wimps.

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It's very weird and confusing to me. I always thought I was left-wing, but now I find myself more in agreement with people deemed to be 'far right'. I'm not sure what's what any more. Left, Right, New this, New that - I can't identify with any of them.
Seems to me, the only thing to do is to determine whether a group or organisation is dogmatic or not. If they're spouting dogma, they're not free-thinking, and therefore to be treated with contempt.
I think where you're going wrong is in thinking of left and right as absolutes in every way. Either side can become stupid and dogmatic, when left in power for too long. Both sides can make the same, stupid mistake, for opposite reasons.

You're viewing things through the filter of America, where we've been stupidly conservative for hundreds of years, due to our puritanical founders. In our case, it's our liberals who are trying to bring things back towards the center and rationality. In leftist countries, like France, it's the other way around.
It's neither left nor right, it's populism.

Politicians change their positions in accordance to the public's whims, which is very bad as populism has never worked. Inevitably governments descend into mob rule, then the society fractures along various(ethnic, ideological, religious) lines until a tyrant emerges to restore order.
I Agree, Populism is a dangerous & stupid political policy. Governments should be elected to lead the country, not to follow it. (Where you would draw the line on that i have no idea!)

The conservatives in europe are the defenders of monocultural nationalism. The left is promoting multicultural pluralism. Unfortunately the left has not recognised that this religious & ethnic pluralism promotes the tolerance of offensive & intolerant practice.
Oooh, I should see if I can get myself banned!
Ooooooh, baby!
I was wondering if that bill would go through. There was a similar one proposed in Canada, but it was only to require removing facial covers when dealing with government officials. I don't know if the bill has died though. I should check into that.
I believe Quebec's banned it in government offices.
Yes, but there is talk about doing it nationally.
I think it's wonderful that Europeans are supporting this movement. I fully support freedom of personal expression, but not at the expense of human rights. Free Muslim women!
That's how the Indians keep Hindu-Muslim violence to a dull roar, they leave each other alone, otherwise the whole Indo-Pakistani region be embroiled in conflict just like Kashmir.

Hindus have another reason for allowing the Muslims to do as they will, if the "west" can tell Muslims how to treat their women, what's stopping them from telling the Hindus how to treat theirs...oh wait, we are : D :D :D

There are a few groups named along the lines of "Save the traditional Indian family", which are analogues to Dobbson's "Focus on the Family" movement in the west.

But on the other hand, if we tell Muslim nations how to treat their women, what's keeping them from telling us to stop imposing western materialism(meaning utter disregard for the spiritual) on the rest of the world.


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