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An odd coincidence. From a mental health perspective, the ten most miserable states in the US are also among the most Republican and zealously Christian. With friends like Gingrich and Jesus ...,,20483493_11,00.html

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I'm shocked that my state, Louisiana, isn't on there. It's about as zealously Christian as a state can get! It ranked as the #1 worst place for atheists to live on some survey I saw a few weeks ago. Plus, our Republican creationist exorcist governor enjoys destroying education by cutting funding repeatedly. Talk about depressing! 

Cheer up, I'm sure you were close, probably #11. Check out our Gov. Rick Scott here in Florida.

Yeah, he & Jindal are two of a kind!

Maybe Mardi Gras wrecked Louisiana's depression ranking?

Dunno. Personally, I find roadblocks, traffic jams, lack of parking, and thousands of drunk people all in one spot pretty depressing! 


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