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So atheists win by default? ='D

UPDATE: The rapture is schedualed to begin "On Sunday, September 20th 2009, between 11:00 am – 6:00 Pm"

.... wait. It's 6:36pm where I am. IT HAS BEGUN! I THINK?

Discount that - I fail at life. The site gives two times. Here's the other one: "IN SUMMARY, I believe that The Rapture will take place at 12am Tuesday (midnight) September 22, 2009." (Jerusalem Time)

My guess is that this one is more "accurate"? I don't know much about time zones, but I think it should start sometime Monday afternoon for everybody here in the USA. Not sure about you Brits and Aussies.

NEW UPDATE: We have time zones! Everybody put on your pirate hats and get ready to plunder!


10PM Greenwich

7AM Sydney

Thanks to Jack Chow for the time conversions. =D

NEW NEW UPDATE! The site now states: "IN SUMMARY, if The Rapture takes place on Rosh Hashanah 2009, then The Rapture will take place on or before (sunset) September 23, 2009 (Jerusalem Time), and after The Last Trump of Rosh Hashanah is blown!"

This is the same sentence I quoted earlier. It's obviously been edited.

NEW NEW UPDATE: "If The Rapture takes place this year--This would put the Rapture date no later than sundown -(Jerusalem Time): October 18th 2009!"

I guess Jesus saw his shadow and went back in the ground.

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It is. And it is beautiful.

All hail 42!
And I just turned 42 as this Rapture was supposed to have happened. Which means I AM the answer to everything.

Y'all can start worshiping me now. Tithings can be made to my paypal account.
Hail Mary, who just turned only 42.
Blessed is her bike, all covered in snow.
And blessed is her beater RV too.
That's magical beater RV/mystical shell in which Oracle Mary dwells. And spends way the hell too much time online when not attending to her Omniscient Guru duties.
I think the rapture was cancelled because of lack of interest
"I think the rapture was cancelled because of lack of interest"


That is the best theory I've heard to date!
God's probably having trouble finding His keys.
If The Rapture takes place this year--This would put the Rapture date no later than sundown -(Jerusalem Time): October 18th 2009!

le sigh

I'll go get my looting kit ready... again...
I'll join you Jack. I need new candles.
October 18th? Are we SURE this time? 'Cause i don't want to make more popcorn just to have it go all cold and manky and stale while waiting for part of the world's population to just up and vanish. The collective IQ around here should certainly go up.
My wife's birthday is October 19th. Should I get flowers now or wait until the website is update?
Well, these people obviously speak to God. And God is never wrong. So I'd say you're off the hook for those flowers.


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