Teenage girl dug up to be 'corpse bride'

Five people have been arrested in China for digging up the corpse of a young woman to be a "ghost bride" for a man killed in a car crash.

The suspects included a grieving father who allegedly paid his four accomplices around £2,700 pounds to find a female to be his son's companion in the afterlife. [...]

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Oh, really, it's nothing new. I've heard about this age-old superstition back when I was still a child, despite the fact that I live in a richer region with better educated people.
From the same article: Last year, a gang in southern China was arrested for strangling young women to sell as ghost brides when the supply of female corpses in their area ran short.

My understanding is that the male/female ratio is a bit off due to the higher abortion rate for female fetuses. That young women were being strangled to be corpse brides doesn't seem to be such a good idea. I would think the living would have more "worth" than the dead.
This is the same kind of thinking that allows wafers and wine to stand in for the flesh and blood of Christ. In both cases it's sympathetic magic sanctified by faith.
At least nobody gets killed to make the wafers and wine.


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