Spoof poster of Obama's face painted as The Joker

A poster depicting Barack Obama as Batman villain The Joker has been called 'mean-spirited and dangerous' by the U.S. President's supporters.

The image, which has been adopted by Mr Obama's critics, shows him wearing the white face paint and smudged red lips of the character most recently played by the late actor Heath Ledger. Beneath the picture reads the word 'socialism'.

This is really plumbing new depths of gutter wedge politics. The instigators have more or less gone public -

The Obama Joker $1000 Video Contest

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On the day after the election, I saw a car with a big bumper sticker stating "Impeach Obama!". None of this is a surprise. I would not expect otherwise.

The only things that will improve support for the Obama administration are resurgence of the economy and the end of the War. Probably just the economy.

Lots of things can bring him down, including worsening economy, worsening of the war, scandals, and some badly managed disaster.

What (who) can the conservative faction offer up in return?

So rather than offering an alternative, they attack.
Shudder to think!
This just makes me think Obama is even cooler, but I guess people who aren't rabid Heath Ledger/Joker fans don't feel the same way :P Seriously, say what you want about Heath Ledger's Joker, he's just damned awesome!
Same as the caricatures of the previous President. Nothing new here and just more evidence of a nearly irreparable polarization of the nation.
Is this really making people mad? My opinion is everyone should just get over it. This type of satire has been going on in this country since the very beginning. Is this any different than portraying Andrew Jackson as a king? Or comparing Clinton to the Nazis or the Bush to Hitler? Hell, maybe I should get pissed at Chevy Chase for portraying a president as a bumbling idiot. People only get offended when it happens to their side. Maybe it's time for all of us to take off the blinders and see that both sides do this.

This isn't even a good article.

'Open mockery of of Barack Obama, as disillusionment sets in with the man, his policies, and the phony image of a race-healing, brilliant, scholarly middle-of-the-roader.'

The main quote of the article isn't a complete thought!

A spokesman from the Los Angeles urban policy unit said that depicting the president as demonic and a socialist 'goes beyond political spoofery.'

This is satire, using a pop culture reference. Can it really be considered "demonic?"

Republican chairman Michael Steele first used the word 'socialism' in relation to Mr Obama two weeks ago

That makes it sound like two weeks ago was the 1st time the Republican Party connected Obama with socialism. I clearly remember McCain and several other candidates making that connection during the election.

I support Obama, and hell, I like him. This picture doesn't bother me at all and it shouldn't bother you. Maybe it is time for everyone to chill.
It's a wonderful thing that we do have the freedom to poke fun at, criticize, and satirize our dear leaders. Even when we are making no rational sense at all like fusing an image of Hitler and Obama. News flash: Y'all losing the election does not amount to Fascism.
Not wanting to go all Godwin on you, but the folks behind this and the Tea Baggers etc., are modern day Brown Shirts. The common man interviewed at these protests may believe he/she is doing this freely and is not being manipulated has the excuse of common stupidity. But this is not genuine grass roots stuff at all - its careful astroturf. The question is, do the reasonable people, who by all accounts are the majority, have enough collective intelligence to see it for what it is and begin to finally bring about the end of this NeoCon fascism? That's not a term used for impact - its a realistic one. The US has satisfied all 14 criteria of a fascist state under Bush. These people are merely perpetuating it.
There is an unthinking core of fascists and fascist sympathizers in the US that are now ghettoized in what's left of the Republican Party. It's about 25% of the electorate. They can't fool all of the people all of the time. Even McCarthy finally ran up against the common decency of his fellow citizens. The good news is that these brownshirts are out in the open, which only hurts their own cause, because everybody can see how truly ugly they are. The Republicans played a cryptofascist game for a long time, but when they held the reins of power, they pretty much dropped the crypto, which was their undoing. This is their last gasp before they go back underground to try to rebuild. They won't be able to in the open.
Felch, the attacks on the previous administration were not geniune grassroots stuff either. That mudslinging and media skew attacked the previous President before the inauguration too. It was crap then, and crap now. I WILL admit it is getting more toxic because now it is being used as a dangerous rabble-rousing technique whereas previously it was merely the standard propaganda from an out-of-power party.

As to the fascism thing on Old American Century, that is rather...one-sided.
Mike: As to the fascism thing on Old American Century, that is rather...one-sided.

OAC did not write the list - it was the handiest link for a reproduction. The original was by political scientist Laurence W. Britt, Free Inquiry Magazine, Vol 22 no 2, [15 July 2003]. Please correct me if I'm wrong, but what conditions were not met by the Bush administration ? Regardless of the document's origins, I find its contents to be the best set of fascism definitions I have seen.

Storming town hall meetings is kinda like mini-beer hall putsches without the beer. They have one aim only - to disrupt discussion by intimidation. The worst thing that could possibly happen to the instigators is that frank and open discourse occurs. People would find out that most of their fears are unfounded and its game over. Therefore, nothing is too low to prevent this happening.

Differentiation between "left" and "right" are becoming mere red herrings. Its becoming the reasonable vs. the greedy and the stupid.
You americans wouldn't know socialism even if it were standing in fron of you with a neo sign and a hammer-and-sickle tattoed all over it's forehead.
I'd have to say for most Americans, that is absolutely true. Especially since this last election, scare-words like socialism get thrown around with no clue as to what they really mean.


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