'Sperminator' game teaches teens safe sex

The public health unit in London, Ont. has assigned a team of superheroes and a villain named the evil "Sperminator" the intrepid task of teaching teenagers about safe sex.

The unit has launched a comic-book inspired interactive game on its website called "Adventures in Sex City," where teens can test their knowledge of sexual health.

To play, they choose one of the characters: Wonder Vag, Willy the Kid, Power Pap or Captain Condom, then must correctly answer 25 questions about sex to defeat the evil Sperminator, a character with penises for arms [...]

Play the game

OK, it's not really atheist news, but I would love to see the US gummint waste some precious taxes and drop this one on the puritans. If NippleGate gave the country seizures, this will turn everything to dust and collapse it into the sea.

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hahahaha i just played the game, it is pretty fantastic! I wish people in the US could be more open minded about things like this I think it could be a very useful tool to teach people about safe sex!
I'll second Ester's comment. The Q&A had good basic information in it which you'd like to think is common knowledge ... but around the States these days, I'm not so certain.
"massive hard rock strength" "half condom half man" hha.. brilliant!
Sperminator had penis arms!!! And he shoots wads at you!! Awesome!


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