Simulated sex with mannequin haunts teacher

DETROIT - A court victory for a middle school math teacher fired for simulating a sex act on a mannequin may be short-lived.

About two weeks after the Michigan Court of Appeals ruled that a public school teacher can't be fired for private behavior that doesn't adversely affect students, the L'Anse Creuse Public Schools board decided late Tuesday to appeal the case to the Michigan Supreme Court.

The district fired L'Anse Creuse Middle School Central teacher Anna Land in 2007 after a photograph surfaced on the Internet of her simulating a sex act with a male mannequin during a bachelorette party at the Jobbie Nooner, a boater party held each year on Lake St. Clair. [...]

There is just so much wrong with this story, you don't know where to start. It is this kind of bullshit that infuriates me more than most of the theist bullshit which you expect to be bullshit. L'Anse Creuse by cursory appraisal appears to be a fairly liberal school too. It is just so noxious -

* The creeping puritanism of religiosity pervading all public space

* Adults losing their right to be adults in private

* The power of the ubiquitous ability to capture images of us at at any moment for permanent record - then mutilate them out of all context

* The complete and utter loss of privacy altogether

* The real surveillance society to fear is no longer the government - it is your fellow man

* The complete and utter ethical and moral destitution of the people that made it an issue in the first place - these same people will only be held up as "pillars of society" and other such nonsensical dumbness. They should be buried up to their necks and run over with lawn mowers

This is the Talibanisation of society and if it doesn't disturb the fuck out of you, it should. It could happen to anyone.

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Why was there publicity anyway? Because the school made it public! Cat is right--mannequin sex is some of the safest sex there is!

It could happen to anyone. You could be photographed doing some silly sexual thing like this. Or drinking alcohol. Or maybe just clowning around trying on silly outfits at thrift shops--how undignified. Or someone could get record of you on the internet having an opinion, or admitting to non-mainstream interests so that you can find like-minded friends and not be horribly lonely and isolated. (That's why the "you shouldn't be posting things like that" attitude is total bullshit--it amounts to some potential workplace dictating who you can and can't be friends with.) Or it could be discovered that you have emotions that are not 100% positive. I wonder if there is really anyone bland and personality-free enough to have no worries about privacy invasion.

Most likely the school, and most other places that do things like this, don't care one way or the other about upholding puritanism, but they just want to cover their own asses. These workplace puritanism issues are just the emperor's new clothes--everyone knows that it's bullshit, but somehow they still keep up the facade.
It is the fact that the environment is so sick that the school feels compelled it must do something. That is the disease.
Imagine what they'd do to teachers who were found to be having actual sex! I'd love to know how "simulated" sex falls outside of moral constructs. Isn't masturbation simulated sex? A mannequin could be said to be the rest of the body that the vibrator belongs to. With all the real issues in the world that actually do affect students, maybe school administrators would do better to do some actual research.
I was a teacher - Very Briefly - people usually assume I hated it and quit b/c the students were hellions - No, the students; 95% of them were fine. The problem -besides the stress and the hugely ridiculous workload, was the feeling of constantly being under surveillance.
I had to constantly edit what I said - so as not to Offend - so I wouldn't get a call from an irrate parent ... I'm an Atheist - and a Lesbian = neither of which were "ok" to talk about ... in a public school. Also the Tax and Union dues meant I was making less than $12/hour (Seriously! I did the math)
During the B.Ed. degree we all had to take Law and Ethics courses basically to learn our In Loco Parentis responsibilities & how to protect ourselves and avoid being a headline like "Teacher caught drinking with students!" "Teacher caught Drunk Driving!!!" cause that would be the end of our teaching career.
Think about it - Politicians get away with drunk driving - the don't get kicked out of office!?
A Teacher would likely lose their job even if they were not guilty b/c Teachers are expected to be ROLE-MODELS!
Priests who rape children get moved to new parishes / new victims. A Teacher who is falsely accused loses his job and career - no school board will ever hire him again! It is ridiculous!
Surely the school made it public because if someone else had that would mean even more bad press for them!
As for Privacy 99% of students have photo / video enabled phones on them in class all day - You are 100% correct that Gov't "eye's" are not the problem - everyone is! I am so happy I got out while I could!
I agree with all of your points. None of it is new though. It's just that camera phones and the internet have made it easier for the gossip mongers. It is depressing. Society does make slow progress I think (civil rights, more openess for gays & lesbians) but every story like this shows just how far we have to go.

"The actual basis of her termination is not that she was engaged in illegal or immoral conduct, but rather that the publicity resulted in a wholly negative impact on the school district," said Bill Albertson, the district's attorney.

How about some consequences for the person who posted the pic?
Also originally from Detroit here and I have two nieces back in Motown who are both teachers. The one is a bit of a party girl and doesn't hide that fact on her Facebook. I guess her school is less puritan than the one in the article because they don't seem to have a problem with her being a normal, single woman in her offtime.


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