Senator: “We’re allowing gays to exist”

State Senator John Eichelberger, who has introduced a bill that would amend the Pennsylvania constitution to define marriage as being between only a woman and a man, told local radio station WHYY today that gays are “… not being punished. We’re allowing them to exist, and do what every American can do. We’re just not rewarding them with any special designation.” Full post

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You can sign a petition here.
I signed
Signed. What a ridiculous statement the Senator made!
well isn't that speciallll (effin moron)
I know, it's like: Gee, thanks for your permission. This is so typical of his lot. They talk about us as if we aren't actual Americans, or even people for that fact.
I signed and posted on my FB page
So their right to exist was in doubt then? I bet lgbt there are REAL glad this guy's got their back. *phew*
Since when marrying is a "special designation"?
Allowing gays to exist? As though they need permission?

Welcome to the mind of an authoritarian.

Unfortunately for the rest of Pennsylvania, he's in a safe seat.
Wow, allowance to exist! As a straight man, I'm not sure I can speak for gay people on this, but I'd like to throw it out there: "Why thankee massa, I neva though of nothin' mo!"

You know, we remove people from office for idiocy and bigotry far to infrequently in this country.
Signed and sent. Made me vomit in my mouth a little.
Thanks Karen. We have plenty of them in Texas, too.


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