Scottish councillor: 'Gays are sad and atheists are damned to hell'

Scottish councillor: 'Gays are sad and atheists are damned to hell'

A Scottish councillor has described "so-called" gays as "really very sad people" and said that non-believers are "damned to hell".

Kenneth Gunn, a Scottish National Party councillor for Selkirk, made his comments on a live BBC radio phone-in programme.

Radio Scotland’s Morning Extra news show had invited listeners to call in with their views on a recent Bible exhibition designed to promote gay rights within the church.

The "interactive" Bible had been placed on a stand with pens and the message: “If you feel you have been excluded from the Bible, please write your way back into it."

However, the messages did not turn out as expected, with many people writing messages such as "f*** the bible" and “This is all sexist pish, so disregard it all”. Full article

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He's a really very sad person.
Agreed. Antediluvian thinking.

(Is it inappropriate for an atheist to use the term antedliuvian?)
That's good.
From the roots "jerk" and "ass" perhaps? Okay, taking my bad "sounds like" humor away now...
Ah yes, and of course us as atheists are intolerant for taking him to task about this...
Damn straight you are. What a bigot you are to be intolerant of his bigotry.
Are you sad, Dallas?
I wonder if this idiot's irony of wording using gay and sad was intentional or accidental? What next? "These so-called brights are dim?"
I'm sure he meant sad as in pathetic.
In which case, it was unintentional verbal irony. Kind of amusing.


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