Unrelated to a previous story, but in the same geographical ball park of central east Russia.

Satanic cult teens 'sacrificed' victims then ate them

Seven young members of a satanic sect have gone on trial in Russia accused of four gruesome murders in which they "ritually sacrificed" their victims before cooking and eating parts of them.

Prosecutors say the murders took place on 29 and 30 June 2008 in a remote forested area close to Yaroslavl with two victims killed per night.
The self-styled devil worshippers, which included a young teenage girl, lured three girls and a boy aged from 15 to 17 to the spot by plying them with alcohol and inviting them to sit round a bonfire.

They then killed them in a sacrificial ceremony, stabbing them 666 times each in homage to the so-called Number of the Beast.

Prosecutors say the young killers then dismembered their victims' bodies and cooked certain body parts such as the hearts and the tongues before consuming them.

They buried the rest of the remains in a giant pit which they marked with an inverted cross topped with a dead cat. Investigators say the sect was formed in 2006 and gleaned its knowledge of Satanism from the Internet, initially killing cats and dogs before graduating to homicide. [...]

The 'satanism' owes more to Hollywood than any arcane scribblings or underground cults. A point unfortunately neglected.

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Well, they can test all but have the ones that commit more take more extensive tests.
regarding this

My dear Stephen,

Have I told you lately that I adore you? I think it has been a while, and I need to make sure you did not forget.

Jason already knows I'm ready to be his candystriper.
Not lately, sacha. One simply does what one can.

Now, if you will excuse me, I'm off to stand in front of the mirror and swoon at my reflection.
...and swoon at my reflection.

Tip: I look at my reflection on the back of a spoon to recover from the swoon.
In the U.S. at least, reports of Satanic cult violence usually end up being something embellished or just plain made up by paranoid Christians.

Not that someone can't bastardize it and actually perform violence in the name of satanism, but it usually ends up being a disturbed individual or three having nothing to do with an actual organization.

Actual Satanism lies somewhere in the realm of the mocking of Christianity for people who can't quite leave the religion part of themselves behind. Most say they acknowledge no gods; just the individual.
There are two schools of satanism. The LaVey school who are essentially libertarian atheists and Ayn Rand freaks who like dress up games. Far rarer are actual theistic satanists. Unfortunately, neither live up to the delusional expectations of the mainstream religionists.
Most intriguing to me are those who insist they believe in no gods; only the power of the individual. Ok then; why use a Christian-invented religious icon at all?
Well Jo, just because you don't believe in a deity it doesn't mean that the trappings and symbolism of the cult associated with said deity don't have personal, psychological resonance for you. It's kind of the Richard Dawkins 'cultural Christian' thing; even if you're not a Christian if you're from a society where Christianity is the mainstream religious iconography can still hold some sort of significance for you.

That's a big part of what magical ritual actually is (including mainstream magical rituals such as Mass); it's a manipulation of the psychological state of the celebrants to bring about a desired psychological and sometimes psychosomatic state.

Satanists use Christian symbols in their rituals because they identify with the character of Satan; an exceptional individualist who rebelled against a system he regarded as unjust and was despised for that refusal to conform. For Satanists, the character of God stands in for the mainstream of society and by desecrating the symbols of the God character they are symbolically empowering themselves as being something above and more significant than the masses that obey slavishly.
Plus they like dress-ups, pantomimes and heirarchy. Really, think S&M ball or leather bikers or something.
Well Jo, just because you don't believe in a deity it doesn't mean that the trappings and symbolism of the cult associated with said deity don't have personal, psychological resonance for you.

Good point.

I still wear a pentagram for its various historical symbology and very much admire the architecture of old, gothic churches. I'm not sure though I could bring myself to express my anti-Christianity with the glorification of the Christian devil.

Although ... Satanic Ubuntu absolutely rocks the Operating System universe!
W.T.F. am I the only one who remembers the McMartin preschool trials?


D.A. and press gone wild.

Thanks for posting this Felch.


You, you know what dog food tastes like? Well do ya? It tastes just like it smells...delicious!


I heard on Fresh Air that we taste like pork.


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